Pets Helped by Bikers

While some motorcycle riders, aka “bikers”, are often stereotyped as rebels, and even anti-social, the animal assistance organization Bikers against Animal Cruelty is quite the opposite. BAAC was organized to take care of abused, neglected and abandoned pets. It was formed officially in 2007, after a period of informal biker friend gatherings that were held to raise funds for local animal shelters. What sparked the interest in creating a licensed non-profit organization to help pets in need, was the Michael Vick case.

Bikers Against Cruelty to Animals doesn’t operate animal shelters; it raises funds for shelters, and helps move pets in need to places where they can receive care. They also host fundraisers, and try to raise public awareness through their website, and by communicating with people who submit email reports about animals that are being abused or neglected. The organization is based in North Haven, Connecticut.

One of the co-founders, VJ, wrote this on his website, “It just makes my blood boil, when I look at these pictures, and read the brief description of their condition, and I only see one 10th of what comes in. Puppies’ starved, broken bones left to heal by themselves, burns, chopped ears, and my all time number one reason for fighting animal cruelty, bait dogs!”

He goes on to explain that bait dogs are used to train illegal fighting dogs. The bait dogs are chained to something by themselves, and then the fight dogs attack them until they die. VJ also makes the astute observation that calling someone a dog should be a compliment, rather than an insult, like
ugly as a dog.

In October one of their regular fundraising events will take place — a Pet Toy Fun Run. Suggested items to donate are pet toys, pet food, Simple Green kitty litter, and related items.

One of the group’s members is lawyer Jan Trendowski, says she is happy to be with them: “This group does phenomenal things. People’s view of bikers is leather, flames and skulls, but they’re always doing rides to donate money to a cause.”

In their latest newsletter, the BAAC Cinco de Mayo fundraiser was noted to have been a success. In the same edition, President Cindy Peregolise said, “Being involved with animal cruelty cases really challenges one’s self discipline.” She went on to provide various instructions on proper animal care.

Over the summer BAAC donated solar-powered fans to the Meriden Human Society. These fans help cool the hot summer air so the animals in the shelter are more comfortable. They have also assisted with installing a security system in the same animal shelter.

Image Credit: Bikers Against Animal Cruelty

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Chris C.
Chris C4 years ago

Good job, bikers! Stereotypes are so dangerous and I've always known bikers have some serious soft spots and big hearts!

Teresa Cowley
Teresa Cowley5 years ago

Wonderful people!! I'd really hate to be the one who made his "blood boil"!
,,,and it's nice to see that some good came out of the Vick case.

Patsi Hoffstaetter
Patricia rommers6 years ago

Wow, wonderful to read such wonderful caring people.

Sonya Armenia Redfield

A great group of guys !

Celine V.
Celine V6 years ago

Hats of to these guys. Wonderful work!

Tiffany Lambiase
Tiffany Lambiase7 years ago

wonderful post

Claudia Elliott
Claudia Elliott7 years ago

Thanks for sharing.

Deborah B.
Deb B7 years ago

Thanks guys. I've had an inkling of your "softer" side because my brother, brother in law and several nephews and even a niece belong to biker clubs and they are not at all wat you you would think a biker would be like - on the inside. Thank you putting yourselves out there for pets.

Andrew B.
Andrew Butt7 years ago

We3ll done guys, personally I find that bikers are not like the stereotype portrayed but are actually the salt of the earth.