Practical Uses for Orphaned Socks

It drives me crazy! Every time I do a wash, one or more socks goes missing, and Iím left with orphans that sit sadly in the laundry basket, waiting for their mates to return.

Some people solve this problem by pinning socks together before they toss them into the wash Ė too much planning for me. Or, they buy 10 pair of the same sock, so when one falls into the dryer black hole, there are 18 left to make a pair.

But, we donít do that. We grab socks on sale after Christmas or at Costco so that our sock drawers are a mishmash of different colors and styles. When a sock vanishes, her mate often has no backup plan.

Until now. Here are some unusual and fun things to do with single socks so orphans can live a life of purpose.

Toilet Warmer: Do you hate sitting on a cold toilet seat in winter? If you have an open front toilet seat, slide a sock on each half. It will make midnight bathroom runs much more comfortable.

Water Bottle Cozy: To prevent the sweat from a frozen water bottle from spilling over your table, slide a sock over the bottom of the bottle, which will soak up the water.

Swiffer Cover: Instead of spending money on disposable covers for the popular dusting/sweeping system, cover the duster with an orphaned sock, which acts as a dust magnet. You also can slip a sock over the handle to grab ceiling cobwebs. When dirty, throw the sock in the wash.

Draft Stopper: Fill long socks with popcorn kernels (for weight) and other orphaned socks, and sew the end shut. Place on windowsills or in front of doors to reduce drafts and save energy.

Shoe Fresheners: Fill socks with baking soda and tie or sew shut. Stuff the sock into smelly sneakers, and wait for the baking soda to suck up the odor.

Ornament Protector: Slip your treasured ornament in an orphaned sock, which will keep it safe until next Christmas.



Gino C
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natasha p
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I make catnip socks too phillippa! my cats love them !!!!!!!!!!!

Philippa P
Philippa P2 years ago

If you have a cat, stuff some catnip in the toe of the sock; and, then, tie a knot in the neck. Watch your cat go crazy while keeping all that catnip off your floor.

Siyus Copetallus
Siyus Copetallus2 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Sierra B.
Sierra B3 years ago

I'll take you up on that last one, I have a lot of glass ornaments

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Sonia Minwer Barakat Requ

Good ideas thanks for sharing

Elizabeth Brawn
Elizabeth Brawn3 years ago

i like this

Ba H.
Ba H3 years ago

how do you get orphaned socks while doing laundry in your own home?

Sarah Hill
Sarah Hill3 years ago