DIY Hanging Easter Posies in Egg Shells

In celebration of that time of year when one gets to indulge with abandon in bunnies, chicks, and all things “cute, pretty and pastel,” this week, Justine, Gardenista contributor and founder of Design Skool, and her children have been creating a myriad of Easter projects. But here is one she did on her own when they were at school: delicate, tiny Easter posies hanging from the window, a welcoming homage to spring.
Above: A completed posy in its little egg vase awaits a sunny spot in the window.
Above: For this project all you need is: ribbon, flowers, scissors, glue and some cleaned eggs shells with the tops taken off (like a soft boiled egg.) Justine and her children collected their eggs over several breakfasts. Don’t worry about creating even edges; the flowers will hide them.
Above: Justin selected Studio Carta’s 2/8″ Width Cotton Ribbon in sophisticated hues, such as this “iron” spool pictured here. I also chose: marigold, sage, pool, chartreuse, and ice at $8 each for five yards. First, measure a length of ribbon from the top of your window to whichever height you want your egg vases to hang. Double this length and cut. She found it best to stagger lengths slightly.
Above: Place glue across the lengthwise circumference of the egg. Then place the middle of your ribbon at the bottom center of the egg and press down to glue along the sides.
Above: To make sure that the glue adheres to the sides, cross the ribbons over the top of the egg and let them dry for several hours.
Above: Taking your flowers, assemble them into a small bouquet. Measure the stems against your egg to make sure that each bouquet sits right in your vase. Place the posy in the egg and water it. Justine found that her soy sauce pitcher was perfect for this task.

N.B. Justine thinks it would be lovely to adapt this project with a fragrant baby arrangement like this one by Erin Boyle.


Joanne S.
Jo S6 years ago

I agree with Jeni. This site has given me such wonderful creative & inexpensive ideas. Thank you so much!

Jeni P.
Jeni P6 years ago

i love this idea..and it looks so pretty...this site just keeps coming up with more and more gd ideas...thanks for sharing

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Thanks for the idea!

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very pretty....thank you.

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How cute and so easy to implement. Thanks!

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