Prince Charles Hosting Green and Eco-Car Party

The Prince of Wales will be opening his gardens at Clarence House, Lancaster House, and Marlborough House in London to the public September 8th through the 19th for an event called The Garden Party to Make a Difference. Featured at the green awareness party will be eco-cars, and a race from Glasgow to London using the environmentally friendly vehicles. The awareness raising event is part of the Prince Charles Foundation’s Start Initiative, which seeks to highlight new sustainable technology and cultural practices. When the project was launched earlier this year, the Prince said the public also needs inspiration to go with the reduce, reuse, and restrain outlook, “A cursory look at most of the web sites that talk about climate change will reveal that it is full of this negative language: “stop,” “cut,” “reduce,” “don’t”. That is only one way of looking at it. Far too few talk about the potential for a sustainable future to be better and more rewarding, both for us and for Nature, than the lives we lead now.”

Of course, he is probably also for reducing overconsumption and cutting back where necessary, but he makes an important point; that we can imagine a future which is not only about personal sacrifice, but is also about new constructive ideas put into action. (The World Wide Web is an example of a technology which was not in use just 20 years ago, but now is constantly sending information around the world, without the use of paper for printing.)

Musicians, and comedians will also be at the event to entertain the audiences. Jools Holland is managing the musical program. There will be a debate with Jonathan Dimbleby, Sanjeev Bhaskar & Clive Anderson. One of the scheduled speakers said of the green garden party, “Having witnessed creative approaches to sustainability in Africa and India, where in most cases it is an essential part of life, it seems only right that we adopt similar attitudes here.” Visitors will be able to see the Prince of Wales’ own vegetable patch and rose garden, says the party’s website. He has been a nature enthusiast and environmental advocate for many years. Several of his personal vehicles have been converted to run on plant-based fuels.

Image Credit: Public Domain


Kath R.
Kath P5 years ago

Seems that the rest of the world has finally caught up to him. Bravo!

Carol Cowbrough
Carol C7 years ago

Interesting article.

Theo Roropoulos
Theo Roropoulos7 years ago

he is a funny guy indeed

Sue H.
Sue H7 years ago

Kudos to the Prince! He's a multi
dimensional guy. I saw him sporting
a tiny fresh green onion in his lapel
(instead of a carnation) on a BBC
show the other day. Made me smile.

Jordan Acosta
Jordan Acosta7 years ago

The Prince of Wales will surely captivate the heart of environmentalist or pro-Earth people. This initiative takes the lead as he primely echoing the need to reduce and reduce program that is usually happened when at home. Prince Charles becomes the role model of Greener life that shots the greener pasture of every man's career.

Maria W.
Past Member 7 years ago

Prince Charles have been interested in the environment for a long time which is great. I hope William and Harry are too.

Denise Plant
Denise P7 years ago

Good on you Prince Charles for being so environmentally friendly. Now how about being friendly towards the foxes and deer that you hunt!!

Mervi R.
Mervi R7 years ago

Great; didn´t know this!

luca pisaroni
luca pisaroni7 years ago

thanks for the post

johan l.
paul l7 years ago

At least Prince Charles doesn't buy a new car every year.
21st birthday gift?
Then it must be all of 30 years old.
Not that I wouldn't like to have an Aston Martin even as old as that, or even older!
To make it run on wine, I think is a bit steep!
Why can't I drink instead of the car?
Is that because it is Prince Charles or because the cops can't test the car for being under the influence?
Of course I am just joking.
I watched the short video but unfortunately it doesn't say howmuch a gallon of this wine costs.
Or is it surplus wine that cannot be sold?
Still, great idea Charles.