Products You Thought Were GMO-Safe

They’re everywhere! Is no one safe?! By they, I mean genetically modified organisms (GMOs). And by everywhere, I seriously mean everywhere. Another surprising place unlabeled ingredients are showing up is in your natural food and your vitamins and supplements.

Even if you’re shelling out the bigger bucks to try and get a higher quality product–whether it’s a healthier food or an environmentally friendly option, you may be taking home a GMO. According to, when a product, even from the natural section or whole grocer, says maltodextrin in the ingredient list, you’re probably getting a form of GMO corn. Most maltodextrin is made from Monsanto’s GMO corn–and it’s in quite a few “natural” products, too. Modified ingredients are mostly in processed foods, but even some shelf-stable foods you’d like to trust contain these GMOs. To avoid unwanted GMOs, buy products that are certified USDA organic since those are not using the genetically modified version of maltodextrin. Some ways to avoid the ingredient include looking for the tapioca maltodextrin version, or better yet, avoid the ingredient altogether. Honestly, it’s just a thickener and not really a great whole food option.

Another sneaky place GMOs are invading is vitamin C. Again, according to, nearly all the vitamin C sold in America is derived from a GMO corn crop. So, from the supplements to the ingredients in food, vitamin C has lost the battle against GMO corn. When the ingredient list says ascorbic acid, it’s also referring to this derivative of GMO corn, even when you’re shopping “wisely” at the natural store. There’s no supply of non-GMO ascorbic acid in the states, either. So, you have to order from another country, or, again, skip this ingredient if non-GMO is important to you.

Leah Segedie, known best as @BookieBoo and the leader of Mamavation, is a well-known advocate for the labeling of GMOs.

“Assume your supplement has GMOs in it unless it says it doesn’t. It’s so relevant in the supplement industry, I avoid 99% of what’s available,” said Segedie.

They’re really popping up everywhere and there’s not much anyone can do to know about it until labeling is required in this country. It’s pretty frustrating that a simple trip to the store, even the “safe” natural store, requires a small research assignment if you really want to know what you’re buying and feeding your family. Just another strong reason to continue the fight to get GMOs labeled in this country.


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Robin H.
Robin H2 years ago

Thanks for the article about the dreadful GMOs.

Shalvah Landy
Past Member 3 years ago

Thank you for the information. I came here to check up on maltodextrin and received the answer to my question, I won't be buying the salmon it has maltodextrin added to it....

j A4 years ago

I'm with Ray

Debbie Miller
Debbie Miller4 years ago

good info!

Monica May
Monica May4 years ago

so terribly sad for all of us

Klaus Peters
Klaus Peters4 years ago

Thanks to Monsanto, I will never buy any corn products of any kind, sorry Kellogg’s. Monsanto cannot touch my suburban back yard and the dozen species of peppers I grow nor any other produce. My garden still has Ladybirds ( Coccinellidae) and they control aphids, why, because I do not spray poison of any kind. My roses and hazelnut trees are thanking me for it, so does the rest of my property.
As for Monsanto and other GMO companies, well, I have been made aware of them by concerned people on Care2 on numerous occasions and I have signed many petitions. But most of all, I listened and have taken action concerning GMO. But I had already taken action long ago to ban insecticides, fungicides and other poisons. GMO was new to me, but I realized the importance that people should know the dangers of that sinister product that can even buy the law and worst of all the president of the US of A.
Sure, I look after my little plot. Surely a President, once elected and trusted should be able to look after his big plot, a nation!?

Heidi Aubrey
Heidi Aubrey4 years ago

I saw a show on PBS the other night. It was in Indian(language-East Indian) with Eenglish subtitiles. It was a story about an Indian journalist looking into why so many, very many Indian farmers were commiting suicide.

Why were they drinking the pesticides they bought to make the final exit? BT Cotton. Monsanto's BT Cotton.

They(Monsanto sales reps) promised these poor rural, dirt poor, farmers that their crop, at 500 times the price of standard cottonseed, would produce 3-4 fold yield and they would be completely pest free.

They didn't tell the farmers that: they are only resistant to 1 pest and are 10 fold more susceptible to all other pests; that one crop will completely deplete the entire land of all nutrients so nothing will ever grow again without industrial strength, and applied, fertilizers; that they use 7X as much water(remember these are rural, farmers, not industrialized farmers with irrigation systems in place.

So all these poor farmers took out loans at the local bank, signing their very property as collateral to purchase these "miraculous" seeds.

Not only did they produce 1/2 as much as the dirt cheap standard, non-GMO seed, most crops failed entirely due to pests. Complete crop loss. Total. AND the soil itself was now completely devastated as well, so all future crops are doomed to failure.

With the standard, non-GMO crop, the yields were double than the BT Cotton and only relied on the rain and cow dung for fertilizer. They had mode

Nicole Bergeron
Nicole Bergeron4 years ago

Not sure if this is real or not but apparently you can tell from the codes if it is GMO/GE or not. The codes are apparently:
5 digit code starting with 9 = Organic
5 digit code starting with 8 = GMO/GE
4 digit code = contains pesticides

I grow most my own plant matter, and would grow more if I could.

Liliana Garcia
Liliana Garcia4 years ago

Will they get one day to modify our water? Good Grief! Well, if a truly financial debacle breaks we will all suffer but at least the Monsanto fortune will go down the drain...

Ryan Surfs
Past Member 4 years ago