Put a Jump Rope on Your Travel Packing List

Fitness plans tend to fall apart when we go on vacation. It happens for a number of reasons, like not having access to a gym, not allowing time in your itinerary, or drinking too much on the beach to even care about a workout. One of the biggest reasons is that a set of workout clothes, especially shoes, eats up room in the valuable real estate that is your suitcase.

There is one piece of fitness equipment that you could probably pack in your cosmetic bag if you tried hard enough and it’s one piece you should start packing everywhere you go. It’s a jump rope. They’re cheap, require little space, don’t weigh anything and give one heck of a cardio workout.

Jump ropes are a go-to for Biggest Loser 11′s Hannah Curlee. “I take it everywhere,” she told us when she recently stopped by our office on one of her many business trips. “It’s the one thing that will fit in my luggage.” Hannah explained that she uses it to do 1000 jumps each night in whichever town she is in.

A workout with a jump rope is an intensive cardio workout that offers a lot in addition to revving up your heart rate. Jumping rope contributes to muscle endurance, coordination, balance, and stability. You also engage a lot of different muscles, like the shoulders, quads, calves, and forearms. And it’s a time saver; jumping rope for 10 minutes has been said to be comparable to running for 30 minutes.

In Matt Johnson’s ultimate jump rope workout, that you could do at home or any hotel, he says to try a few things to get a little more out of your jumps:

  • Do double jumps; jump high enough to swing the rope twice before landing
  • Jump between the left and right feet, not just both feet at once
  • Increase your pace to raise the heart rate and burn more calories
  • Use a heavier rope to increase upper body muscle endurance

This summer, as you head out on planes, trains, and road trips, don’t let your travel plans get the best of your fitness goals. With a jump rope, you’ve got no excuse to knock out at least 10 minutes of fat-burning, muscle-building jumps.

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