Radical X Games goes greener

JANUARY 25, 2008óAlready one of the most daring sporting competitions on Earth, the 2008 ESPN Winter X Games makes a bold move by aiming to green its Jan. 24-27 competition in Buttermilk Mountain in Aspen, Colo.

Building on the successful X Games Environmentality (XGE) program, the competition aims reduce waste through recycling and composting while cutting greenhouse gas emissions through the use of alternative fuels. The X Games will use sustainable materials wherever possible, in addition to an educational outreach initiative for fans, staff and vendors.

“The X Games attracts a young demographic, and that puts us in a terrific position to lead by example in increasing environmental education and awareness for future generations,” Chris Stiepock, X Games general manager, said in a press release. “Our sports depend on a healthy environment, and we’re proud of our efforts to preserve natural resources in any way we can

The X Games plans to promote recycling by rewarding fans “caught” recycling with tokens redeemable at its TRASHed Recycling Store at X Fest. Last year, the X Games employed a similar incentive program that led to the voluntary recycling of 7,000 beverage containers. The TRASHed store is stocked with eco-friendly prizes.

This year’s plan is even more ambitious. In addition to recycling containers, composting receptacles will be available. X Games organizers will take additional measures to recycle paper, cardboard, electronics, construction materials and plastic shrink wrap. After keeping nearly 70 percent of the waste from last year’s games out of local landfills, organizers plan to beat this mark at the 2008 games.

Shuttle buses, snowcats and heavy equipment are bio-fuel powered. The catering staff plans to recycle the kitchen grease into biodiesel.

To further minimize the X Games carbon footprint, organizers plan to plant trees on behalf of all athletes competing.

Whenever possible, the X Games organizers will use environmentally sensitive materials.

By Care2 editorial staff


paul m.
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Fiona T.
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Nice to try something new and eco-friendly

paul m.
paul m4 years ago

Never used 'em...

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Thank you for sharing.

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they should start doing that with the summer X-games here in LA too. We've been watching them for the last few years now.

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never thought that X games could be sooo green ! That's really cool. pay per head sportsbook

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Hell yeah. I've always loved the X games, and after reading this, I love them even more!