3 Recipes for Homemade Cheese

Have you ever wondered how to make your own fresh cheeses at home? It’s much easier than most people think. With some pretty simple ingredients and equipment that you probably already have in your kitchen, you could be putting fresh, homemade cheese on your dinner table. Here are resources to get you started in making some popular cheeses.

1. Mozzarella

Fresh mozzarella is simple and fun to make, and its mild flavor is a wonderful accompaniment to pizzas, pasta, salads and more. Learn to make it by following the instructions in Easy Cheesy (find a variation of the recipe in Quick Mozzarella).

2. Soft Goat Cheese

Goat’s milk fresh from the farm is great Ö but goat’s milk cheese is even better! Spread your goat cheese on crackers and bread, and to give it more flavor complexity, add fresh herbs. Learn to make this classic soft cheese by following the instructions in Goat Cheese and Mild Cheddar.

3. Mascarpone

This thick, creamy cheese is often used in desserts. It pairs wonderfully with fresh fruit. It’s expensive to buy in stores, but easy and inexpensive to make at home. Learn more in How to Make Homemade Mascarpone Cheese.

All cheeses are best if made with fresh milk from happy, healthy,†pastured animals.

For†a simple recipe to make with your fresh mozzarella, see†Classic Tomato Mozzarella Stacks, and if you don’t eat dairy, check out the recipe in Dairy-Free Soft Cheese.

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natasha p
.13 days ago

dairy kills

Anteater Ants
Anteater Ants3 years ago

just add ants

Carole R.
Carole R3 years ago

Thank you.

Dale O.

Splendid recipes, cheese is marvellous and there is nothing like homemade be it cheese or yogurt.

Some say that dairy contributes to animal cruelty but this is only true if one buys from factory farms which have very bad conditions. American factory farms even use growth hormones not permitted in Canada and Europe along with antibiotics not to mention feeding GMO corn and grain which is not what herbivores eat naturally as they are pasture animals. Organic farms are not cruel and there are those that keep all male calves as well. I don't agree that any dairy is cruel because organic farms are an alternative to factory farms.

Kate S.
Kate S4 years ago

Great motivation- a friend offered their goats milk that they don't have time to use. I will be attempting it now. Thanks again.

Fred Hoekstra
Fred Hoekstra5 years ago

Thank you Shelly, for Sharing this!

Birgit W.
Birgit W5 years ago

Wonderful! Thank you

Kath P.
Kath P5 years ago

We make fresh ricotta every week and Mascarpone once in awhile. Never tried to make goat cheese so will be giving that a shot very soon. Thanks for the recipe.

Teresa Wlosowicz
Teresa W5 years ago

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Natasha Salgado
Past Member 5 years ago

Interesting...i never thought of homemade cheese. I would try it but i;m in the process of becoming Vegan. Gonna share this with my friend. Thanks for sharing!!!