Reconnect To Being

When people complain that life is unfair, what they are really saying is that there is a mismatch between inner events (hopes, wishes, expectations, ambitions, goals) and the response of the outer world.

In our society we constantly reinforce the idea that we should follow our dreams, but what about the millions of people whose dreams have faded? In some way the chain that leads from being to feeling to thinking and then to doing has been broken.

Restoring the sequence isnít difficult, but you must move things in the right direction. Pure being leads to the highest level of feeling, and the highest level of feeling creates the highest level of thinking and doing. Now we see the solution to being a loving person in an unloving world.

You donít struggle to be loving; you donít oppose those who are unloving. Instead, you establish yourself in pure being, which is loving by nature, and then inner and outer reality cannot help but reflect who you are.

This picture of reality streaming from one source creates a radical transformation at every level. Take thinking. As we saw, most of the time the mind is occupied with distractions, unable to focus on the present moment. Habits of worrying, fretting, planning, and dwelling in fantasy are by-products of disconnection from pure being.

The highest level of thinking is a constant flow of creativity from the source that is accompanied by feelings of joy and compassion. The final result is doing. No one has to be told what itís like to act out of conflict, stress anxiety, indecision, and doubt.

We know that all of these are mental obstacles to right action. The highest level of doing is completely clear. Since it comes from a level beyond personality, such action reaches beyond personal benefit. It benefits everything around you, beginning with your family and extending to the entire world.

Adapted from The Ultimate Happiness Prescription, by Deepak Chopra (Harmony Books, 2009).


lyn L.
l L7 years ago

This subject or teacher no longer interests me. I find this suject matter un appealing and subjective to the teacher who is limited on the subject matter and the information is flawed. Thank you have a good day.

Jewels S.
Jewels S7 years ago

I just had a conversation yesterday about how learning to change my expectations changed my life. I still have times when I get stuck on a want but it gave me a tool to use if I didn't want to suffer anymore.

the lionheart l.
.7 years ago

I understand what you all are saying -and- there is a realm that if you are taught or introduced to these concepts thru visual aid information tactics you won't have to experience the pain of sufferring of being a first hand participate in pain and suffering, to have compassion on others who experience things. Some things in life if all learning is equal and measured a person grows/matures into that higher level with help and guidance from his/hers tutors. As one ages the eyes of ones understanding is constantly being opened. Another thing; I have found that the creator is constantly grooming you and makes appearances to you to allow you to believe in him and that he is. He is the one who causes you to believe in him and let 's you see his goodness. Then God no longer becomes/is a theory to you. But for the most part many of us fall under the trial and error path to learn but there is a passive path to learning to spare one all of the drama and trauma to gain compassion and the better self.

Shanne W.
Shanne W.7 years ago

In some way the chain that leads from being to feeling to thinking and then to doing has been broken.
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Destiny S.
Sherry E7 years ago

Thank you for a great article.

Yago M.
Past Member 7 years ago is true this is a unloving, confused and dark world.. but i believe in the 90/10 rule which says that only 10% of what happens around a person is out of the control of the individual, and the 90% left is totally under control -that being the reaction to what happens at a given moment.. thoughts, feelings, actions and words that follow.. and under the light of pure being everything becomes possible, true, beautiful, good.. even pleasantly strong and able.. to love and be loved

Buffy F.
Buffy F7 years ago

My dream is that all animals are allowed to live in peace, respect and all they deserve. I am working for that they don´t just turn into dust.

Darla G.
Darla G.7 years ago

very great!

charmaine c.
Charmaine C7 years ago

Thank you for a good article.


Naga C . You say being loving by nature didn't work for Jesus! Jesus knew darned well that by being loving he wasn't going to have everyone around him being loving to him! That was not His mission, any more than ours should be! I think that is the whole point. Spiritual laws often work exactly the opposite of physical laws. In our world today, most people are totally immersed in the PHYSICAL. The 'ME generation' where children are taught that if they whinge long enough and are annoying enough, they will get what they want, perpetuating the belief that the world OWES them a living! This is the worst possible thing that parents can do for their children. Learning to suffer and to survive has one or two wonderful outcomes; Firstly.. when we suffer, we know what others are suffering around us and can feel COMPASSION. compassion rarely comes without suffering. When we are taught that we are NOT centre of the Universe and it is not our RIGHT to be perfectly happy whilst others are suffering, we can develop a sense of perspective. If you have gone without.. you are happy with cery little. If you have been to despair and back... little things that go right will seem so wonderful! If you are poor, you will appreciate the tiniest of gifts. if you really SEE the suffering of others you will feel a sense of awe that, even in the eyes of the world you might have very little, to YOURSELF and your spririt you are just TOO lucky! Look to others who are less fortunate.. and thank you God!