(Re)Consider the Egg

Back in the 1990s, at the rise of cholesterol awareness, the humble chicken egg was demonized. Reports showed that eggs (particularly the sunny yoke) were abundantly rich in cholesterol, which played a part in heart disease and stroke. Experts advised us to cut down on our egg consumption and the egg industry went into a PR tailspin trying to address the damage from such medical studies (see above a 1990 commercial demonstrating such tactics).

But rubber ball-like, the egg resists such attacks time after time and maintains a fairly consistent relationship with American consumers. Average American’s consume roughly 250 eggs each year, which makes for a healthy egg industry, but maybe not such healthy hearts.

Now comes word that the correlation between cholesterol-laden eggs and heart disease may not be so linked. According to a New York Times article, Researchers reviewed eight prospective studies including 263,938 subjects and pooled the data for analysis. They found no evidence that eating up to an egg a day increased the risk of heart disease or stroke. The results were the same for men and women and in all age ranges. That said, the authors of this study acknowledge that self-reports regarding food consumption are not always reliable and that most of the studies had no information about the cooking methods, which could have affected the results – meaning a boiled egg is a different animal than an egg fried in bacon grease. Also, for diabetic patients, high egg consumption was associated with an increased risk of heart disease and a reduced risk of stroke.

Admittedly, such conclusions about eggs tend to go every which way, and today’s proof might be tomorrow’s refuted findings. What are your thoughts on the benefit, or dangers, of consuming eggs? Is it everything in moderation, or something to be avoided?

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John Wedderburn
.5 years ago

I like eggs :-)

Michael Enright
Michael E5 years ago

It's like anything else on the menu, use eggs sensibly as part of a balanced diet.

Eat the rainbow, and exercise regularly and you'll be doing yourself a favour.

Tammie Chambers
Tammie Chambers5 years ago

my cholesterol is genetically high...so I try to keep other high fat/cholesterol items out of my diet. but now im thinking an egg or two on the weekend wont hurt.

Angie V.
Angie V5 years ago

Wow... that is some interesting info..

Past Member
Past Member 5 years ago

I have always had high cholesterol, by stopping eggs for several years made no difference to my results. I am back to a couple of eggs a week.

Kimberly Coryat
Kimberly C5 years ago

Eggs are packed with essential nutrients & abundant protein. Mammals of all types eat them and thrive. They are renewable and can be compassionate if chosen well. Cook them wisely and they can be good for you.

The horrendous way factory farmed chickens are treated must stop, but more and more farms are choosing to husband their layers in responsible ways.

I recently added organic, free range eggs back into my diet and am so pleased with results.

Traci Phillips
Traci Phillips5 years ago

I am going strictly vegan, so I shall pass on the eggs.

Jade N.
Jade N5 years ago

thanks! i love boiled eggs!

Monica May
Monica May5 years ago

Love my morning egg...makes me feel good all day. Protein in the am

Margaret R.

I eat an egg every morning..have for years. My cholesterol is 136..some of is genetic also..nuff said....