Relax with Enya (3 music videos)

Feeling stressed? Lean back in an easy chair, put on one of these three lovely Enya music videos full screen, and let it carry you away. Watermark is on this page, On the Shore is on page 2, and A Day Without Rain is on page 3.

Enya is a unique Irish composer and performer. Her sound is made up of voice layering, folk melodies, and ethereal reverberations. She has performed in ten languages and sold more than 70 million albums.


Watermark, which was released in 1988, sold 11 million copies, topped the charts in the UK, and was number two in Germany. This video is instrumental only; the haunting melodies are enhanced with evocative images of the natural world, including a variety of lovely flowers and waterscapes.

Enya sings on the next video, On the Shore.

Photo credit: AmahRa58

On Your Shore

This haunting song is sung by Enya with a synthesizer and instrumental background. The video has many scenes along the shore, some with people and a horse.

I think you’ll find the music video on page 3, A Day Without Rain, the most relaxing of the three.

Photo credit: Mikael Zerbib

A Day Without Rain

Another lovely instrumental piece with piano and synthesizer, accompanied by lovely videos of nature, some with people or animals. If this composition of Enya’s doesn’t relax you, nothing will.

Photo credit: darkpatator


Saga S.
Saga S.7 years ago

Pure beauty (:

Slobodanka K.

I have listened Enya's CDs for many years already. Is there a way to put these three together in 1 video, one by one, I'd love to meditate that way?

alicia m.
alicia m7 years ago


Mari Basque
Mari 's7 years ago

LOVE ENYA!!:) She is so wonderful!

Ana Sonata
Ana S7 years ago

Very beautiful!

Angeles Madrazo
Angeles Madrazo7 years ago

Thanks ENYA, the music and the videos made me feel GREAT!

Carly P.
Carly Pierson7 years ago

Those videos were so nice! I thought the last two were a little sad, though. What nice melodies. I thought the video inhanced the music.

Ann Eastman
Ann Eastman7 years ago

These were very soothing and restorative. Thank you.

Cok Cici
Past Member 7 years ago

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Josephine Fenech
Josephine Fenech7 years ago

Nice videos. Thanks