Releasing Judgment–Snake Spirit Communication

Animal communicator Dawn Brunke offers this wisdom about releasing judgment, from a conversation she telecommunicated with a snake!

Learn more about what Snake-energy offers us, and what snakes have agreed to come here to teach us. Hear the voice of Snake, here:

We come into this world for a variety of reasons. On the one hand, we are not meant to be caged or treated as pets. However, some of us come consciously to work with humans and, at this time, many are willing to live in the glass house in order to work on relationship issues.

We have agreed as a species to take on some “misunderstandings” from humans. We cry out when we are killed for no reason other than just being who we are. We are often a reflection of hate in your culture: hate for the unknown and that which is beyond you in understanding. We embody–as well as represent–beginnings and endings, the continuous cycle. We work deeply in the human subconscious to help you connect with ancient and timeless memories.

One of our tasks is to help you release judgment and open to the energy of Snake within. Snake energy is for awakening, connecting that which is most ancient with that which is most spiritual. Snakes exist in all aspects of your life–snake as caduceus; snake as symbol of royalty; snake representing sin, sexuality, the umbilical connection, and the cycle of beginnings and endings.

Those who fear snakes often fear their own true nature. We work on a different level from animals such as dolphins, who have chosen an engaging form that most humans find appealing. Right now, we most often work with specific individuals to help open particular passageways in humanity at large. That is the nature of snakes at this time– ,not to work with the many, but to initiate the few. There are reasons why we are associated with fear to some degree, for not everyone is ready for our kind of initiation.

We send you blessings and hope you too will open more to our kind. There is much more to snakes than meets the eye.

Adapted from Animal Voices, by Dawn Baumann Brunke (Inner Traditions, 2002). Copyright (c) 2002 by Dawn Baumann Brunke. Reprinted by permission of Inner Traditions.
Adapted from Animal Voices, by Dawn Baumann Brunke (Inner Traditions, 2002).


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There are two snakes on the caduceous, the symbol of the medical profession.

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Jillian and Joel, that's so cool. I dreamed a snake, but a guadian wouldn't let me approach it.
I think snake has many medicines.