Relieve Allergies Naturally with Homeopathy

How homeopathic remedies, a healthy diet, and stress control can reduce allergic reactions and often eliminate them altogether

What are Allergies?

Allergies are an immune system response to substances (allergens)—pollen, dust, or mold—that the body deems as foreign and potentially harmful. This hypersensitivity triggers a chain reaction of symptoms which include runny or stuffy nose, sneezing, watery eyes, skin rashes, difficulty breathing, and more. Approximately 60 million Americans suffer from different forms of allergic reactions. Allergies can be categorized by the time of year when they appear, areas in the body where they cause discomfort, and substances that act as triggers.

The most common form of allergy is hay fever, also called seasonal allergies, which brought about by pollen, humidity, or excessively dry air, causes light to severe sinus infections. In addition to creating discomfort and interfering with your daily activities, one type of allergy makes sufferers prone to developing another. Allergies also tend to return frequently and make us more susceptible to other diseases, such as colds and flus.

Homeopathy Offers Highly Effective All-Natural Allergy Treatment

Homeopathy is a 200-year-old, proven healing system that not only helps you find relief from allergies but also brings your body into optimal balance, enhancing your general health and reducing allergic reactions, often eliminating them altogether.

The practice of homeopathy aims at removing the obstacle to the cure. Begin to investigate the triggers of your allergic reactions. Is it the humidity, dry air, pollen, pet dander, or dust that makes your allergies worse? During what season and at what time of the day do your symptoms tend to be more severe? Are you experiencing stress or difficult life circumstances at the onset of your allergy symptoms? Slowly start to avoid and reduce trigger points. Take your homeopathic remedies at the onset of symptoms and take them whenever you need them.

Diet, Relaxation, and Detoxification

Allergies are a response of the immune system. This is why it is important to strengthen your immune system during allergy seasons: rest, de-stress, eat healthy, and practice regular, gentle exercises. Yoga, breathing and relaxation techniques, and meditation are highly recommended. Slow down! When the body, mind, and emotions are in a state of balance, then we do not over-react to foreign substances such as pollen. Only if there is an imbalance in the body, the immune system becomes vulnerable and susceptible to agitation from the outside.

Did you know that allergies are believed to originate from an acidic and toxic environment in the intestine and colon? Stored waste and toxins create inflammation in the body stressing the lungs and causing excess mucus. A balanced diet of seasonal vegetables, fruits, and grains is a very powerful component in creating relief from allergies. Consider a gentle seasonal fast by avoiding flour, processed foods, refined sugar, dairy, meat, and wheat for a few weeks at the beginning of spring and fall. By avoiding foods that stress the filters of your body – liver and kidney – the body gains time to propel excess toxins out of the body. A homeopathic detox and drainage formula helps flush out toxin build-up and keep your intestine and colon healthy.

Enjoy a fun, invigorating combination of homeopathic remedies, healthy foods, relaxing exercises, and detoxification and reduce the frequency of your allergic reactions or eliminate them altogether. As always, if your symptoms persist and your condition does not improve, consult with a certified homeopath for an in-depth constitutional treatment.


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Thank you Dr. Neala Peake, for Sharing this!

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Thank you Dr. Neala Peake, for Sharing this!

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Dale Overall

Consider a gentle seasonal fast by avoiding flour, processed foods, refined sugar, dairy, meat, and wheat for a few weeks at the beginning of spring and fall.

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Dale Overall

Excuse the error below as I copied and pasted a reference to the article that I wished to comment on, sticking it down in add your comment to refer to while commenting and bang my ultra sensitive computer did something without my fingers even touching the orange Add Comment...publishing the reference...wish there was a delete button to get rid of spelling mistakes and silly errors that we could fix by deleting.

I am not sure how long this seasonal fast is supposed to last, for the "beginning" of Spring and Fall...a week, two, a month? If avoiding things such as sugar (prefer honey), meat, processed foods which I don't eat much of, flour (mine is whole grain although there is the raging gluten debate), yogurt? Just what am I supposed to be...a vegan/vegetarian? No thanks, being an omnivore I like my small amounts of meat, my whole grains, milk on occasion and cheddar cheese!

While veggies and fruit, nuts, quinoa and the like are a large part of my diet, am not going to realistically avoid the above list and if one eats veggies laden with pesticides that won't help either.

Have a cat but she is blind and 16 so she won't be given away because of my allergies to her and its impossible to avoid the pollens out of doors either for trees, grass...and don't use over the counter medications, just the neti pot.

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I have been using Oregano oil to fight off allergies for ten years now. I never get colds either. It really works for me.

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