Renew Yourself, Die to the Old

Jesus spoke about death as a prelude to resurrection, and he also spoke about the need to be born again. The connection between the two was summed up by Paul as “dying unto death.”

Christian doctrine has focused almost entirely on trusting in the resurrection of Jesus as a sign that every soul will be resurrected one day. But when he said, “You must be born from above,” Jesus put the emphasis on transformation in this lifetime, not some faraway future. Being born from above means a rebirth in spirit. Spiritual rebirth usually isn’t a single event, a blinding epiphany that causes one’s life to change from that moment forward. For most, spiritual rebirth is a process akin to the long process that causes people to mature psychologically. The spiritual process brings transformation steadily, one step at a time, yet the overall result is dramatic. One’s attachment to the ego and its belief in separation, including the ultimate separation of death, is being jettisoned.

Right now, you accept a fixed set of labels that define you. These include your name, age, family, occupation and social status. From Jesus’s perspective, however, none of these labels is the true you; they distract from the reality that you are spirit embodied in flesh. If you wanted to, you could redefine yourself every day. As the fixed self gives way to a dynamic, fluid self that is open to the unknown, freedom dawns. In that freedom, you go beyond death by discovering that you encompass life and death in a state of pure being.

Stay tuned for Part II: An exercise to eliminate your labels and redefine yourself.

Adapted from The Third Jesus, by Deepak Chopra (Harmony Books, 2008).


Norma V.
Norma Villarreal6 years ago

It's all about the willingness to let go and embrace transformation.

Brigitte S.
Brigitte S.6 years ago

so good to hear..thanks!

irfan d.
Irfan d6 years ago

Experiencing death in the form of loss of trust,relationships,finance,career and then coming back from it stronger and better. Yes , that is what makes life enriched. Thank you for the article.

wchi wink
.6 years ago

i've died many times in this life... and had that many transformations - very powerful and enlightening each time!
Thank you Deepak!

Mukesh R.
Mukesh Ramteke6 years ago


Lynn C.
Past Member 6 years ago

Tom Brown Jr.'s book 'The Quest' has a beautiful description of Jesus and what he taught given by Grandfather. Just reading it causes great longing for the beauty of being totally in Spirit, as all humans were meant to be, and an awareness of the waste of our lives without that constant connection.

Dot A.
Dot A6 years ago

**** Go Ron! ****

We need you here! Keep up the comments! You resonate very well with the Deepak readers! Thanks~

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Lisbett C.
lisbett C6 years ago

Great comments Ron!!

Frans Badenhorst
Frans B6 years ago