Rethinking Bottled Water: What You May Not Know

Where does the water come from that we buy bottled in our supermarkets and, in fact, anywhere we look?

Little did I know, and you may not either, that as co-author of Blue Gold, the Fight
to Stop Corporate Theft, Maude Barlow says: “Fierce disputes are being waged in communities around the world where companies like Coca-Cola and Nestle are aggressively seeking new sources for their “boutique” water, draining acquifers and even buying up whole water systems. The bottled-water industry is growing at a rate of more than 20 per cent a year.” Author Vandana Shiva has written a book
illuminating similar issues, called Water Wars.

It seems to me it is time to mind our own watersheds, buy good filters for our taps so we can safely drink our local water, and when we want to take bottled water with us, we go with stainless steel bottles. This way we protect ourselves from plastics, don’t use water that belongs to others, and ensure our local water is

By Annie B. Bond


Nona E.
Nona E4 years ago

I am totally appalled at how the bottled water industry affects us financially and environmentally! Aside from the fact that it isn't proven any safer than tap water, all those plastic bottles going into the landfills are disgusting. Even if they are recycled, consider the energy and resources consumed by making new ones. Though our tap water is not "bad", I use a Brita pitcher to filter water for drinking (it does taste better) and for appliances (coffee) that call for filtered water. My son's family has well water in the home - tastes terrible and they bought bottled water which they could ill afford. I gave them a Brita and they found the water immediately pleasant for drinking. I have followed my dil's new habit of using the pitcher to fill larger containers for beverages. Not a lot of effort with a great bonus of less money and pollution.

Aud Nordby
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Terry V.
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Barbara J.
Barbara J4 years ago

Couldn't agree more.

Jade N.
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Lucille Mullen
Lucille Mullen4 years ago

Well said !!!

Alexandra Pappano
Alexandra D. P4 years ago

Amen! 'Couldn't have said it better. Kudos.

Elaine A.
Elaine Al Meqdad4 years ago

You're lucky if you are getting safe drinking water, Period!!!

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