Romance: Love It? Hate It? Want More Of It?

Romance can make you swoon when it’s smoldering hot or recoil when it’s schmaltzy. If you’ve tasted it, you probably want more. If you haven’t, we can help. And if you hate it, well, we promise not to make you watch Titanic in an attempt to melt your cold, cold heart. (Just kidding! Your heart is perfect as is and romance isn’t for everyone.)

First, let’s define it. Romance is a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love. It is often associated with being courted or wooed and it can include grand gestures of affection and adoration.

Never had it

If you’ve casually dated but haven’t experienced a lot of romance–and you want to–it might be time to admit you’re ready for love or a more serious relationship. eHarmony suggests you avoid dating these types if you want to find a romantic match. Oprah suggests a magic love list. And Wired’s infographic will help you create the perfect online dating profile.

Don’t like it

Hey, romance isn’t for everyone. You don’t have to be romantic to have an amazing and fulfilling relationship. Hell, you don’t even have to have an amazing or fulfilling relationship at all. Just stay healthy, be true to yourself, and if you’re having sex, we hope you use the most effective birth control available and always protect yourself from STIs.

Want more of it

One quick Google search will deliver a million ways to add romance to your life. Sex therapists, bloggers, married people… they all kind of say the same thing. Spend more time with your partner. Do nice things for them. (And sensual things too.) Touch more. Resent less. PsychCentral has 15 ideas to keep romance alive. Cosmo has 23 ways. And Love Actually has hundreds of ideas for romance on a budget.

Here’s one last thing to consider

Women into romance or erotic novels have 74% more sex than those who don’t read those kinds of books. And in addition to having more sex, they’re also having more playful sex. So, perhaps a new romance novel might be a good way to let loose?


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Christine J.
Christine J1 years ago

Romance doesn't last for most of us. It's just nature's way of getting us to breed. Still great though!

Susan T.
Susan T3 years ago

Love romance and want more of it! ;)

Lene Jacinta Martinussen
Martha Jacinta3 years ago

I once lit tea candles around my then-boyfriend's room, and was very careful with where I placed them so that they wouldn't be knocked over. (don't worry, we just made out). He laughed when he saw it, and proceeded to take them out of the room and blow them out in the garden, because "the smell of the smoke is so yucky"..... so, he was not the romantic type! I laugh at it today

Sue Matheson
Sue Matheson3 years ago


Darren Woolsey
Darren Woolsey3 years ago

When it's good it's like having heaven on earth. . . and when it's bad, it's rather like enduring a version of hell . . .

Darren Woolsey
Darren Woolsey3 years ago

My last three relationships with women have been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, plus have involved a lot of expense (me trying to help them out. . . .), so unless there's a rich woman out there willing to redress the balance with me, I'm staying single for now. . .

Francesca A-S
Past Member 3 years ago

Have neither had nor want romance in my life, thanks for sharing though!

Jessica K.
Jessica K3 years ago

So let me guess, Fifty Shades is a good manual for relationships? Well, to each one's own I suppose. Thanks.

Winn Adams
Winn A3 years ago

Romance is wonderful . . . . . maybe unrealistic but the idea of it is magic . . . .

Wonder Girl
Rekha S3 years ago

Thanks for sharing.