Savory Granola Recipes With a Twist

Savory granola is pure culinary genius. What was once the sole domain of the breakfast table can now be enjoyed throughout the day. It’s easy, tasty and healthy. What’s not to love?

I love granola. I love crunchy granola. I love fruity granola. Heck, I love any kind of granola, so long as it’s vegan granola.

Seriously. If I wasn’t such a nerd about getting my daily quota of greens, I’d eat granola for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So you can imagine my glee when I recently discovered that savory granola is a thing!

(Apparently it’s been a thing forever and nobody sent me the memo.)

Whatever. At least now I have an excuse to eat my favorite food at every meal. Color me ecstatic. If you’re late to the party like I was, you’re in for a treat. Savory granola is culinary genius.

What can you do with savory granola?

I’m of the opinion that you can put savory granola on everything. Okay, almost everything. You can definitely use savory granola to spice up your salads. Adding a crunchy topping will definitely shift things from lackluster to yummy.

You can also add savory granola to soup or simply eat it as a snack. Who needs popcorn at the movies, when you’ve got a stash of savory granola in your bag? Am I right or am I right?

Savory Granola Recipes

Do a Google search for savory granola, and you won’t be disappointed. You’ll find everything from turmeric spice granola and savory buckwheat granola to plain old savory granola. They all look delicious. But they’re also just variations on a theme.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t try them. You absolutely should. I know I’m definitely going to. But rather than showcase the more obvious recipes, I thought I’d a highlight a few that are a little more out the box, if you will.

Savory Granola with Eggplant and Garlic Yogurt

Haiya from Pass Me the Dimsum has created a savory version of your typical granola breakfast. I’ll admit, this dish is a little out of my tastebud comfort zone, but I’m definitely going to give it a try. Just not for breakfast.

A hearty bowl of roasted eggplant drizzled with homemade tomato sauce, sprinkled with savory granola and served with a generous portion of garlic (vegan) yogurt. If you have more of a savory tooth, this dish will be perfect for you.

Made with oats, pine nuts, sunflower seeds and some flavorful herbs and spices, this granola’s pièce de résistance is the pomegranate molasses that binds it together.

Coconut Curry Granola Bars

Self-confessed curry fan Joanna Meyer developed these savory granola bars so she could incorporate her favorite spice into them. They look like your typical sweet granola bar, and they even have some of your typical sweet granola bar ingredients, like dates and toasted coconut.

But combine that with things like curry powder, cayenne pepper and ground ginger and your taste buds —and your brain too, probably—will be doing excited cartwheels for sure. You can snack on them or break them up over your salad, up to you.

(You’ll find the full, written recipe at the bottom of the YouTube clip.)

Corn Husk Panna Cotta with Corn Granola

Chef Jenny Dorsey is on a mission to turn food waste into delicious gourmet dishes. Wait until you see how she transforms corn husks into panna cotta.

Although technically a dessert, she serves it with a savory corn granola made with quinoa, hence my reason for including it in this roundup.

I’m way too lazy to make the panna cotta anyway, but since it’s not vegan, I’ll give it a pass. I will, however, give her vegan savory granola a try. Combing raw corn kernels (my fave!) with quinoa, fennel seeds, rosemary and caraway seeds, it’s sure to create a taste ‘splosion, however you serve it.

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