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What Can Saying Yes to Life Change in Your Life?

In the simplest of terms, saying yes to Life or Love offers us a way to positively and effectively deal with what is happening in our lives now or what may happen down the road.

During all the upheaval that comes with a health challenge, we can easily become obsessed with our bodies, worried about the future, and caught in a downward spiral of confusion, bewilderment, depression, and perplexity. It is easy to forego our inner wisdom and guidance—even repress it or altogether ignore it—when we are distracted by health challenges and the fear that can surround them, especially if we identify ourselves as being only our bodies. Freedom, which is an aspect of health, remains impossible as long as we perceive our bodies as a complete definition of ourselves. Yet our bodies and their challenges, such as illness and injury, can actually help us discover Life—our inner wisdom, which continues to exist and wait for us to turn within and find it again—and, by extension, discover or recover health. When the mind no longer sees itself as a body, forever in bondage to the body, the mind can be free. This book shows you how to find that freedom.

Henry David Thoreau said that the degree to which we are true to ourselves is the degree to which we pay attention to inner intelligence. By saying yes to Life, we say yes to this inner intelligence and to making it central to our healing. Saying yes to Life is a means of getting to know ourselves—who we really are—during the most challenging of times. The single most important discovery I made on my own journey from illness to health was Let what you are experiencing teach you. Let who you are heal you.

Saying yes to Life invites us to address all of who we are, including and especially the power of our thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes. Recent research has suggested that one of the most important things we can ever learn is the connection between our thinking and our health. Good health seems to be most people’s highest priority, yet most of us have very little or no education about how our ways of thinking, beliefs, and state of mind affect our health every moment of our existence and even less education about how to direct our mind toward health.

Within this book, health doesn’t refer to just the state of the body, but also the state of the mind, which affects the body. The results we want to accomplish with our physical health require some level of intention and conscious direction with our mind. The good news is that all of us have the ability to direct our own mind. Like most important skills, learning to direct our mind takes practice and motivation. Our health challenges can provide us with the motivation to learn to command our mind with intention, direction, and awareness, and no matter what is happening with our bodies, this unparalleled achievement will bring us peace of mind, a central component of health. In fact, optimal physical health can be defined as an extension of peace of mind, or the natural state that occurs when we learn how to say yes to Life.

Although health and healing are not defined as the absence of physical symptoms, there is a direct physical benefit from achieving this trustful and peaceful state of mind. Research demonstrates that when individuals are less stressed and have a positive attitude, their physical health improves. In fact, those who suffer the most physical problems, including a reduced ability to recover from illness, have a difficult time moving beyond anger, resentment, and worry.

The old, habitual, seemingly automatic ways our minds function from fear are what keep us from saying yes to Life. So like someone who has practiced a sport for years with ineffective technique, we have significant unlearning to do as well.

But do not mistake saying yes to Life as merely “positive thinking” or New Age healing. To the contrary, saying yes to Life is based on extensive research in health psychology, a field concerned, in part, with understanding how emotional and cognitive factors contribute to physical health and the prevention of illness. Don’t worry; this book is not cold, clinical, and full of research citations. Instead, it offers you very real and concrete examples, ideas, and exercises that you can use right now.

No matter what health challenges you’re facing; no matter how much fear or pain you may be experiencing; no matter how little control over your health and happiness you feel you have; no matter how worried you are about family, finances, and future; saying yes to Life will not only help you with what is going on now but may also even give your life new direction. Saying yes to Life will help you with your mental, emotional, and spiritual reaction to what is happening physically. It can take you from fear and confusion to clarity. As hard as it may be to imagine right now, you will even find ways to grow from what is happening right now.

There is no situation, no matter how catastrophic, from which we cannot learn and grow. I know, because I have negotiated several personal health challenges in my own life. And I have learned how saying yes to Life is the difference between suffering through a health challenge and growing into a better person because of it.

I see each health challenge I have experienced as a class in what is true and fundamentally important about life. Though I am not in any hurry to go through another health challenge and am enjoying life in the fullest, I am grateful for what each of my health challenges has offered me. Looking back, I know I would not be where I am today if not for the lessons I learned from each experience. For example, as I recovered from an illness that brought me close to death, I learned how to truly receive love, and a troubled relationship was healed. When I lost my hearing, I learned a multitude of lessons—from the many ways to “hear” other than with the physical ear to having the courage to follow my passion vocationally.

When I faced my first health challenges, it was certainly not with smiles and gratitude. My initial reaction was a mix of intense emotions, numbness, and even denial. However, because I gradually learned what it meant to say yes to Life, I am not only alive today, but also a happier, stronger, and more compassionate person.

Saying yes to Life takes us from fear and feeling as if life as we know it is over to seeing even the most challenging health situations from a place of clarity and options—even a place of growth and a deeper awareness. Instead of ruining our lives, it is possible that health challenges may actually enhance our days, no matter how many or how few days we have left. Saying yes to Life during a health challenge sets us on a course of being Life-centered in all situations, and as a result, we begin see the opportunities for growth and healing in every area of living.

In essence, saying yes to Life during a health challenge takes us from the worst place we have ever been and delivers us to the most meaningful place we can imagine. With this book, I invite you to join me on that journey.

Reprinted with permission from Red Wheel/Weiser, LLC, How to Say Yes When Your Body Says No: Discover the Silver Lining in Life’s Toughest Health Challenges by Dr. Lee Jampolsky is available wherever books and ebooks are sold or directly from the publisher at

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Sarah M.
Sarah M5 years ago

wish i could have won this

Salla T.
Salla T5 years ago

Oh yes!

Tanja Z.
Tanja Zilker5 years ago

Love the Life you live, live the life you Love

Jane Barrett
Jane Barrett5 years ago

Struggling with accepting my body as I am getting older and recovering from mental illness I am very interested in the book. Is it available in the UK? If so could I have the ISBN? Thanks

Michele Ruppert
Michele Ruppert5 years ago

What a timely book! Lately, I've been working on how to change the way I do things to bring in more abundance, opportunity, love into my life instead of saying no. I love reading books like these throughout the year to keep my game on the positive track and work through some deep stuff that gets in my way. Looking forward to reading this book when I can!

Silas Garrett
Silas Garrett5 years ago

Interesting. I find Western society's perspective on what they call the placebo effect odd. I say healing is healing, whether it comes from a pill or your mind.

Elizabeth P.
Elizabeth P5 years ago

Just reading the feed back here has helped me live a better life, Thank you.

Ernie Miller
william Miller5 years ago

I always try to be positive and inspire my friends

Lynda J.
Lynda J5 years ago

Having had a spinal fusion op 16 years ago (L3, 4,5) there is a slow, progressive scoliosis and often pain, usually when I'm lying in bed trying to sleep!

My mom is mildly bipolar and has a dicky heart, and I now live with her to make sure she's okay.

My daughter eats extremely healthy (according to current definitions) but gets gallstones, and they are agony!

And my son? He's long and tall, had juvenile arthritis, and now also has a back that hurts, depending on what he does.

I'm well aware of the connection between emotional state and back pain, and my grandmother, having been diagnosed with myasthaenia gravis (which causes one to either starve or choke to death) went home and thoughfully examined her relationships to find what it was she couldn't swallow. Having found it, the condition went away - permanently.

Fear and pain are closely connected. So are unhappiness and pain.

We only need to change our focus a little, look outwards, and the pain will begin to diminish, or at least become more manageable!

Kirsten Parker
Kirsten P5 years ago

My friend (a pharmacist) and I were just having a discussion about "the placebo effect" and how people's minds and attitudes affect their wellness. The power of the mind is such a huge factor in health and well being - such an easy thing for us to do for ourselves and yet so many of us let our negativity get the better of us. Belief in the healing power of your own body is essential.