Security In An Unstable World

Today, more than ever before, humanity is facing uncertainty. In the midst of global economic crisis and fears of climate change, our vision for the future is blurred. Humanity is restless, and stress levels are soaring.

How can we find security in an uncertain world?

In our society, we have learned to look for security in the wrong place: we look for it outside of ourselves. The people and things that surround us will always fail to reassure us; the nagging fear that everything could change in an instant will always be present, until inevitably, things do change. Solid marriages are torn apart by infidelity, 20-year careers are cut short by an unexpected change in company policy. And when the Taliban is destroyed, the next threat will be just around the corner, waiting silently to avenge their death. The outside world has never held promises for safety; a reality that we often prefer to ignore.

In a world of increasing uncertainty, every one of us has the responsibility of making the difference. We can wage war upon nations, but that is not going to change things. Terrorism cannot be stopped by war, just as a fire cannot be put out with more fire. Yet although this may be true, it is useless to blame the politicians, or even war itself. If we cannot find inner peace, how can we expect to create a world that is peaceful and harmonious? Our own minds, full of dissonant chatter and confusion, are the source of our insecurity. Our actions arise from our thoughts, from our feelings. If we are full of fear, how can we hope for a loving world family?

When Bill Clinton asked Nelson Mandela if he felt hatred towards his oppressors, he replied, “I realized that if I kept hating them once I got in that car and got through the gate, I would still be in prison. So, I let it go, because I wanted to be free.”

In the quest for peace, there is something very concrete that we can all do to contribute. In every moment, we can make a choice, the choice to rest in the abiding peace – or love-consciousness – that lies within us right now, and that nobody can take away from us. In the same way that learning to depend on our surroundings has filled us with fear, we can learn to depend on our inner state, and find a security that is always pristine and untouched, that no 9/11 can cast a shadow on, or threat of destruction shake.

Let’s fill our personal lives with peace, honesty and transparency; that will go much further to contributing to world peace than any war.


Josephine L.
Josephine L8 years ago

Wow! This really does make sense now. Thank you for your words of wisdom.....

Angel Sch
Past Member 8 years ago

I've noted, thanks :).

Carolyn Dakin
Carolyn Dakin8 years ago

Focus on Peace. The law of attraction will take care of everything else.

Gaby Micallef-trigona

A lovely article.
Thank you

Robert Taylor
Robbie Taylor8 years ago

Thank you for a wonderful article.

Tammy Jones
Tammy Jones8 years ago

I wanted more from the article I guess...more peace from the article words maybe...not really sure here....thank you sharing though...the beginning has to start somewhere:)

Robert K.
Robert K8 years ago

Dear Friend,

Your comment about concrete actions available to us to contribute to the scheme of peace in the world touches me deeply. You mention that “we can make a choice, the choice to rest in the abiding peace – or love consciousness”. Love fosters harmony. It has a transformative power that moves and has brought unity to the world from time immemorial. We compose the music of our own life and in love there is a constant renewal of our fellowship with each heart as we develop respect for others, compassion and expanded understanding.

Thank you for your enlightening comments and let us fill our personal lives with the bountiful joy of inner peace and share it in all our interactions with people as our contribution to peace in the world.

Mayte Picco-Kline
Author of Wholeness in Living

Tanik Tri R
Tanik Tr8 years ago

Yes, you're right Isha.. We can give peace to the world outside by making peace in our innerself.. Thanks for posting this article..

Lauren Hale
Lauren Hale8 years ago

Thank you!

Katrina T.
.8 years ago

There are many things that can and will change with time.
Many things that prove to be unrealiable with the passing of time.
Yet knowing that many of the things we now cling to will be gone in the future's tomorrow...we must cling to what is solid and unchanging in order to find stability and peace amongst the chaos.