Seeing God

There is a beautiful but very simple Taoist saying about how to see God. The writer and interspiritual teacher, Wayne Teasdale, offers it with a commentary that may truly help to open your spirit-eyes!

How can we see God? Find out here:

Do you need proof of Godís existence?
Does one light a candle to see the sun?
–Taoist saying

The Divine Reality is evident to anyone who knows how to look. It is everywhere, in everything, and radiates from all beings. We can glimpse it when we really look, in the order, design, beauty, and harmony of nature. In fact, in many ways, the Divine is as obvious as the sun.

Sometimes what is right in front of us is difficult to grasp because it is everywhere, because we are subsumed in its context. Wherever we look there are signs, clues, images of the Divine Presence and its vast activity across space and time. It also appears in the depths of the self and the unconscious, in dreams, creativity, love, wonder, philosophical reflection, poetic inspiration, in chance meetings, and in all the little joys of life.

There is no place we can look or be that we will not find God, if only we recognize what we are seeing.

Adapted from The Mystic Hours, by Wayne Teasdale (New World Library, 2004). Copyright (c) 2004 by Wayne Teasdale. Reprinted by permission of New World Library.
Adapted from The Mystic Hours, by Wayne Teasdale (New World Library, 2004).


Zee Kallah
Past Member 6 years ago

If you can not see God in your enemy, you haven't even started on the path.

Robert O.
Robert O6 years ago

Thanks Annie.

Brian M.
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"...about all this article had to offer...," I meant.

Brian M.
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Puff, puff, pass. That's about this article really had to offer.

K s Goh
KS Goh6 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Laura D.
Laura D.6 years ago

Thank you so much for your message of hope. It has been heard and understood. I really needed to come across these beautiful words on this beautiful day.

April Gray
April Gray7 years ago

beautiful!!! thank you :)

Bon L.
Bon L7 years ago

Thanks for the info.

J Reiki Love and Gratitud
Past Member 8 years ago

It's so true! God is in your life's breath :)