Senior Gifts: Itís the Giving That Matters Most

By Cindy Laverty,

Have you ever agonized over what gift to give your mom or dad or elderly relative? If youíre like most of us, then the answer is: Yes. I remember so clearly wondering what to buy, so I put it off because I didnít knowóand Bob, (my former father-in-law who I cared for) already had everything, not to mention that he didnít do much of anything, so what could I possibly give? I would give anything now if I had just one more birthday or holiday to shop for him. Sometimes lessons come to us when itís too late.

Making Holidays Special for Your EldersÖNo Matter Where They Live

I am here to tell youóit doesnít matter. Stop agonizing and enjoy the process of giving a gift to someone you love. It doesnít matter if your gift never gets used. It doesnít matter if you donít receive accolades for the gift. What matters is the giving. What matters is a beautifully wrapped gift which speaks LOVE.

Hereís a list of great gifts that will make a difference.

Find a photo from your loved oneís past. Have it cleaned up and framed. Memories create happy moments.

Give a beautiful hankie to a grandmother.

Give a tie to grandpa. A tie says, ďWeíre going somewhere fancy one day soon.Ē Make sure you actually make arrangements for the tie to be worn. Follow through.

Give a music box with a favorite song. DVDs of movies from their past create hours of peaceful afternoons.

CDs of favorite music Ė or better yet, create a CD especially for your loved one with all his/her most loved music.

Make a basket of favorite treats or, better yet, have your children bake something special.

Give a digital voice recorder and encourage the senior to tell his/her Life Story.

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What the holidays mean to elders

Holidays are critical in a seniorís life. Holidays conjure up all kinds of memories and can send someone into a downward spiral or, worse, into a deep depression if not handled with sensitivity.

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Memories can be an especially sensitive issue. They have the ability to be wonderfully moving if the senior is encouraged to share memories and experiences. However, if the senior is made to feel like his/her memories donít matter, a feeling of isolation can take over. Try not to let this happen. The more you can involve your loved one in holiday celebrations, the better.

When someone reaches true maturity, itís not the thingsóitís the thought. Itís the moments with the family. Itís the treasure of being with loved ones. The caregiving journey allows you to create moments and memories that will be cherished. Creating moments is what our life is all about. Make them special.

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Visiting Nurse Service of New York posted a great article titled "Preserving Family Memories" which gives some ideas on how you can make and save your holiday memories. You can read the entire article at

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