Salad Potluck: Healthy Office Lunch Idea

Lunch can get pretty boring unless you go out of your way to change it up. And it doesn’t take much. Make your turkey sandwich on a different kind of bread or toast it and you’ll feel like you’re eating something entirely new.

The same can go for office parties. Those potlucks have the same fruit and veggie tray, chips and dip, and casserole every single time. But a simple change can make an event people remember and enjoy!

Enter the salad potluck. This is something we do in our own office almost weekly. It’s called Salad Wednesday, and it’s a good excuse for us all to get together, share a healthy meal, and catch up without the usual office pressure. Not to mention, no little smokies in BBQ sauce.

It works like this: the office management provides the greens. All of the attendees bring their favorite salad toppers. The sky really is the limit, and some weeks it looks like the best salad bar you’ve ever visited. Red bell peppers, tomatoes, homemade guacamole, hard boiled eggs, grilled chicken, black beans, various cheeses, hummus, nuts, and the like fill a table for everyone to fill their plates.

This idea certainly isn’t exclusive to the office and can be used anywhere you’re hosting a group meal. You can add soups to go alongside the salads and add a little more bulk to the meal.

It’s pretty low effort and low cost for everyone involved, and everyone walks away full, satisfied, and feeling a little better than a bucket of fried chicken would make them feel.

As the host of the salad potluck, make sure you’ve got plenty of the following:

Greens – We like a 50/50 of spring greens and spinach
Dressings – Homemade is best, otherwise look for low-fat, low-sodium options
Plates and Silverware – This is one potluck food you cannot eat with your hands

At our Salad Wednesday we’ve seen people show up with homemade chocolate chip ginger cookies, freshly baked breads, pasta salad, fruit salad, and just about anything else that would round out this healthy, simple meal.

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I started doing this with groups about 20 years ago. Burrito, taco or tostada ingredients can be done in similar fashion

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Great idea. We have done this for people's birthdays, but I might suggest it for a weekly event at my office. We all love salads, but don't make them together.