Set Your Intentions For 2011

If you canít dream it, you canít do it. The first step towards reaching for the stars is identifying the star you wish to reach. Otherwise, you wind up steering around, rutterless, rather than steering by starlight.

If youíre a fan of the law of attraction, you know that setting intentions is a great way to attract what you wish to manifest in your life. As much as I believe in the law of attraction, Iíve never been much of a fan of† principles prescribed in The Secret. Their methodology seems more akin to asking a fairy godmother to grant three wishes before the stroke of midnight than real, effective conjuring.

I honestly donít believe that every Joe Schmoe who focuses his attention on getting laid with a Playboy model or driving around in his Porsche or winning a million dollars is going to attract what he hopes to conjure.

I love life coach and author Martha Beckís take on the law of attraction. She believes that when youíre trying to attract something from a superficial place, youíre unlikely to attract what you hope to attract. But when youíre focusing your attention on things you wish to conjure from deep inside your core of peace, youíre pretty darn likely to attract magic.

And I agree. Itís certainly been true in my own life.

So in the name of attracting magic in 2011, letís all dig deep into our core of peace, that quiet, true place deep within our essential selves, and letís search for what we wish to attract in 2011.

Here are my intentions for 2011:

  • To build my coaching practice so that I may help inspire change agents to help heal the world
  • To get a book deal for my already written next book BROKEN: One Doctorís Search For the Lost Heart of Medicine
  • To lead workshops and speak in retreat settings like Esalen, Omega, Kripalu, and destination spas like Canyon Ranch, the Golden Door, and Rancho La Puerta
  • To be fully present and loving when I am with my daughter so I can help her grow up with the essential inner knowing that she is both loving and lovable
  • To expand the reach of the healing Owning Pink message exponentially, so that millions of people are connected to themselves and each other
  • To monetize Owning Pink via e-courses, a paid online community, workshops, a coaching program, and affiliate programs meant to connect those who are ready to take the next step forward in their lives with those resources that will help them do so
  • To grow my public speaking career as a motivational speaker, which Iím really loving
  • To be a loving, committed friend and family member so that my ambitions do not distract me from what is most important in life –† those I love
  • To deepen my connection with the Divine
  • To get more in touch with my erotic creature, liberate my inner sexpot, and spice up my sex life with my hubby in ways that are both hot and spiritual
  • To recommit to my physical health, exercising as often as possible, eating as many raw foods as I can manage and saving unhealthy indulgences for special occasions, and managing my stress in positive ways
  • To meditate (yes, Iíve been setting this intention every year but this year, I swear I will actually do it)
  • To support my husband the way he supports me, to hold space for his inner hero to come alive
  • To not only pay the bills, but to fill my life with so much abundance that I can share it generously with those I care about
  • To begin working on my next book
  • To get a foothold in the world of television in hopes of one day having my own TV talk show
  • To create a new art series, one that merges painting with beeswax with words in some way

Okay. No biggie.

What about you? What intentions do you wish to set in this new year? Tell us here and let us bear witness to your intentions so we can create mass accountability for each other.


Maira Sun
Maira Sun7 years ago


Patrizia Frangipane

thanks for sharing!!

Yecla P.
Yecla P.7 years ago

That is a lot for one year

Elisabeth Gilting
Elisabeth G7 years ago

2011.......To survive, increas faith and hope. Attract energi to live and care for my family and people around me.

Sonja P.
Sonja P.7 years ago

My resolution - Equanimity. Bringing my spiritual practice into my interactions (particularly with my mom :).

On the topic of meditation - one of the most effective tips I've learned is to practice "just sitting". Nothing fancy. Nothing to focus on or keep out of your mind. Simply stay in one place for a little while and just notice what happens within and around you.

On the topic of fitness - do it outside!! Studies show that you burn way more when you exercise outside. I love the feeling of the real wind in my hair, way better than the fan!!

diana costache
diana amza7 years ago

good luck on that book!

Mim S.
Birka S7 years ago

Great! :)

Victoria S.
Victoria S7 years ago

I just want to start living with my partner this year and work on making that relationship last :-)

Barbara Erdman
Barbara Erdman7 years ago

Thanx for sharing

Mary B.
Mary B7 years ago

Concerning the Joe Shmoe character. What would he attract? At a soul level, he just wants to feel good about himself, so his wiser self that keeps track of all things, would attract events to help him do that. His concious personality might not recognize them. At the personality level what he will probably attract are very shallow, unfullfilling people and events and wonder why he continues to feel miserable.