7 Core Beliefs of Shamanism

Shamans have been found in every period of history, world-wide. There are certain core beliefs that all shamans hold in common, which give meaning, comfort, and wisdom to millions of people.

Find out if you are aligned with the principles of shamanism. Read the seven core beliefs here:

1. The belief that everything and everyone is part of a pattern and thus interconnected.

2. The belief in the existence of an alternate reality, often referred to as the spirit world or dreamtime by traditional people, or as nonordinary reality by modern mystics.

3. The belief in the ability of some individuals to achieve transcendent states of consciousness and enter the alternate reality for problem solving and healing of self and others; this belief is usually accompanied by a strong desire to personally experience the alternate reality.

4. The belief in the existence of spirit helpers and teachers who reside in the alternate reality. Although most modern mystics tend not to affiliate with organized religion, Jesus of Nazareth is regarded as a spirit teacher of great power, and most profess the belief in some form of supernatural godlike being or consciousness.

5. The belief that everything, both animate and inanimate, is imbued with a personal supernatural essence or soul; thus, everything everywhere is aware and thus “minded” to some degree.

6. The belief in the existence of an impersonal power or vital force that pervades all things and is expressed as life force in animate beings–the mana of the Polynesians, the chi of the Chinese, the prana of yoga, the num of the Kalahari bushmen, or the baraka of the Muslims.

7. The belief in the existence of a personal energy body that can be perceived by some as an aura and can be enhanced through the energy centers within it–called chakras and meridians in Eastern thought.

Adapted from Visionseeker, by Hank Wesselman, PhD (Hay House, 2001). Join him at his workshop July 2 to 7, at the Omega Institute.


Stone Vulgar
Stone Vulgar4 years ago

I you were a Christian and a Shaman knew you were they could use that belief to help you or atleast not try to change you if you are set in a god centered world view. Native American Shaman do not believe in Jesus as the writer says. Shaman know ethnobotany which the person who wrote this also does not mention. Shaman, not all, but many are commonly known to use herbs that are labeled dangerous criminal hallucination drugs. I don't see where the person who wrote these 7 core beliefs has any more authority of even knowlede to tell you what a shaman is that I do. Have a gret day, K

Aud Nordby
Aud nordby4 years ago


Monica D.
Monica D5 years ago

Thank you.

Teresa Wlosowicz
Teresa W5 years ago


Marie W.
Marie W5 years ago

Universal truths.

Bonnie M.
Bonnie M5 years ago

I am not into Shamanism , just read about this. Thanks for posting these core beliefs- I have followed these beliefs for some time now- just thru reading and learning about Buddhism and Chinese philosophy and beliefs. Encouraging to read that somehow, these beliefs are universal.

Joe R.
Joe R5 years ago


Kenneth D.
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Jenna W.
jen b5 years ago

thanks for this article

Suzanne Loewen
Suzanne L5 years ago

thank you. I like these ideas very much. There are 2 worlds, 2 truths, and 2 realities. In the real world all the happy endings have been stolen. But in the enchanted world there are possibilities. I like to see the magic under the skin of the world.