Would You Inject Your Vitamins?

My father scoffed at the practice of taking vitamins. He would routinely admonish us when we asked for them, and would in turn say, “All the vitamins a person needs could, and should, be gotten from food.” I pretty much grew up to agree with him, with a few lingering doubts. Once I greatly improved my diet (around college) I found I had a more consistent energy level and succumbed to sickness far less often. That said, I am not averse to mega-dosing on zinc, vitamin C, and other herbal remedies to stave off a nasty cold.

Now comes word of a burgeoning new trend involving needles and nutrients. Let’s call it mainlining your multi-vitamin. According to this month’s Details magazine (not hard journalism, I know) “intravenous vitamin therapy is the new It infusion—the latest health obsession for the celebrity elite.” For people (not just celebs) who are road weary and need to bring balance back to their beleaguered system, there is a sort of vitamin cocktail with selenium and vitamin C (to boost your immune system); B-complex vitamins (for energy); magnesium (for heart health and energy production); and calcium (for bone building) all of which is administered intravenously. The idea, besides getting a mega dose of needed/desired nutrients, you circumnavigate your gastrointestinal tract and avoid things like stomach upset. However, as anyone familiar with intravenous delivery will tell you, you run the risk of infection and possible electrolyte imbalance taking your vitamins this way, oh, and it will cost you significantly more than just a bottle of vitamins from the health food store (likely anywhere from $50 to $200 more).

What are your thoughts on feeding vitamins straight into your vein? Is it a more efficient way to give your body what it needs or something wholly unnecessary?

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Heidi H.
Past Member 6 years ago

No injections.

Mary L.
Mary L6 years ago

Not a chance.

Brian M.
Past Member 6 years ago

Just say NO to the needle.

Terry V.
Terry V6 years ago


Jennifer R.
Jennifer R6 years ago

Interesting article. I wouldn't inject myself, but I do take extra vitamins and herbals when I feel a cold coming on. If you eat a healthy, balanced diet, you should get all the nutrients your body needs, anyway.

Bob P.
Bob P6 years ago


Teresa Cowley
Teresa Cowley6 years ago


Samir Nassir
Past Member 6 years ago

Vitamins are essential for the person who fed unhealthy .Yes I took vitamins .Have benefited greatly .thanks for this article .

natalie n.
natalie n6 years ago

nope unless there is no other option. i'd rather take the pills.

Elisabeth T.
Elisabeth T6 years ago

Not unless it was medically necessary...