Should Dogs be Allowed to Dine at Restaurants?

I reside in the San Francisco Bay Area and love living in a very dog-friendly town, Half Moon Bay. My dogs are a huge part of my daily life, go almost everywhere with me, are very well socialized, and I continually provide them with many training opportunities in public places. I’m not sure I could ever live in a town that wasn’t  dog-friendly.

Recently, Los Angeles County passed a law that allows dogs to dine on the outdoor deck or patio, provided they enter the patio from an outdoor gate and don’t sit on a chair or table. Exercising Fido before he needs to sit calmly by your side is also a good idea.

Lazy Dog Cafe founder, Chris Simms, was elated over the passing of the new law. His Orange County restaurants had been dog friendly since they opened, and he’s been eager for dogs to legally be allowed in all nine Lazy Dog Cafes in Southern California. A huge dog lover himself, he knows the uncomfortable feeling of leaving a dog at home on a weekend day, after you’ve left him all week to go to work. He wanted to create an atmosphere that welcomed dogs, while still focusing on the quality of food and the overall experience for humans.

Dog Enjoying Lazy Dog Cafe


Since the laws have taken effect, there’s been an outpouring of positive response and a lot of happy dining dogs. But, what about people who’d prefer to dine only with their own species or are allergic to dogs? Chris says, “We don’t want to alienate the people who prefer to dine without dogs. So we provide a non-dog section and a dog section.” Sounds a little like the days when there were smoking and non-smoking sections in restaurants.

Because I live in a world which embraces all things canine, I was a little surprised when I read some of the comments from this Los Angeles Times article. Many readers thought it weird, inappropriate and obsessive. What do Care2 readers think? Do you take your dog to restaurants? Do you enjoying dining in the company of dogs? Would you be more or less likely to frequent a restaurant that is dog-friendly? Thanks for sharing your comments below and voting in our poll.

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H M.
H M3 years ago

I'm unsure my husky wouldn't be scared inside a restaurant. What if a hot liquid or grease spilled on the dog?

I'm also doubting that *every* Eurodog and child is so well behaved. :p #comeonnow.

Connie Palladini
Connie Palladini4 years ago

Most dogs behave better than kids!!!!!

Kenneth Davies
Kenneth Davies4 years ago

Dogs are usually well behaved it is their owners who act irresponsibly. eg taking a nervous dog into crowded areas not cleaning up after the dog. I think most dogs would appreciate a treat whilst their owner indulge themselves

Ashlyine B.
Ashlyine B.5 years ago

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Qian Zheng Yi
Jabi Y6 years ago

So long as there's a no dog area - I'm good!

Cindy Rhodes
Cindy Rhodes6 years ago

I think as long as your dog is well behaved, then it should be allowed, Especially when there is a non dog part of the patio, in fact I love this idea, I like dogs more than some people myself!! Thank you Lisa for the article.

Kathy Perez
Kathy Johnson6 years ago

with proper precautions and steps to ensure the dogs are vaccinated and such ,then I think it would be okay. eat at your own risk though! some dogs can be aggressive in the presence of food and strangers!

Mercedes P.
Mercedes P6 years ago

I would like to dine and go everywhere with my pets.

Darla Stokes
Darla Stokes7 years ago

As an American living in Germany, I was initially shocked when I saw dogs in restaurants. Now it seems normal. I think that's because people tend to use common sense, and only bring dogs that are reasonably well-behaved.

Carrie Anne Brown

i think its a good idea :) thanks for sharing :)