Should We Be Capitalizing ‘Human’?

What do you consider yourself? A Democrat? A Jew? A Christian? A Muslim? A Mexican? An American?

What about a Human?

Project Human is spearheading a growing movement to capitalize the ‘H’ in ‘human’. Why? So that the English language finally evolves to reflect the type of society we strive to become—peaceful and globally unified. Project Human explains it best:

“For thousands of years, our species has divided and subdivided itself into groups. We give these groups names, labels that become fundamental to one’s identity as a member of that group. These proper nouns—American, Russian, Christian, Muslim, Democrat, Republican—are all denoted by capital letters, yet the elevated status conferred upon these labels does not apply to the one word that defines and includes us all. Too often do we only emphasize what sets us apart, and too frequently we fail to recognize what makes us all the same. What if we capitalize Human?”

African friends in the park

Project Human doesn’t want your money. They don’t need you to attend rallies or events. All they ask is that you consider capitalizing the ‘H’ every time you write the word ‘Human’.

By making Human a proper noun, it acknowledges that all people on this planet are unified under one great identifier—that we are all made from the same stuff, whether we’re Swedish or South African, Buddhist or Mormon. Because, in the end, the trait we all share is being Humans. We are unified no matter what.

Interesting, no? As people, we seem to be hardwired to define ourselves, to set ourselves apart from others. And we capitalize all these titles. Would it be so bad to capitalize the one word that describes us as a whole? It would be a small win, however subconsciously, to get every writer of the English language to write ‘human’ with and uppercase ‘H’ as a subtle reminder that we’re all in this together, especially in times as divisive as these.

While the goal is incredibly feasible, Project Human’s mission is massive: to get more people to recognize their membership to a larger community—one that surpasses the limitations of color, culture, or creed. “We are a community of Humans. We are greater than the sum of our parts.” It’s reasonable request.

So what do you think? Will you start capitalizing Human?     

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Val P
Val P2 months ago


Anette S
Anette S2 months ago

Nonsense! In the German written language this is already practised 'since time immemorial' and has absolutely no influence to recognize what makes us all the same!

Richard E C
Richard E Cooley3 months ago

Thank you.

Roxana Saez
Roxana Saez3 months ago

Yes I will though I prefer to recognize the spirit in all living things as I was raised to. I feel it is more encompassing. As many have pointed out here this concept is limited and can be used negatively. I will use it for all the positive intentions and aspects as it was created for. TYFS

hELEN h3 months ago


Mary B
Mary B3 months ago

It seems to me we tried something like this but it really didn't work out well. people like to know how others define themselves, and part of the problem was not recognizing how blacks were being discriminated against because it was being done by racists who had always done it and it was considered normal, but in the north it maybe just seemed like bad manners. The only time we are "All One" is when we are undifferentiated energy but as soon as that turned into physical form you've got lots of amazing body types , human and other creatures. So I choose to recognize the differences and see who and what feels compatable based more on values, personal integrity and emotional maturity. But for those who want to try this experiment, please let us know how it works for you.

Sherry Kohn
Sherry K3 months ago

Many thanks to you !

Danuta W
Danuta W3 months ago

thank you for sharing

Jetana A
Jetana A3 months ago

I love the idea of all members of our so-called sapient species ceasing to identify their subgroup as superior to all others. But if we capitalize Human I insist we also capitalize the names of all other living beings. I'm going to do this! It will be my way to end racism AND speciesism. Save the Whales! Listen to the wise Owls! Stop logging old-growth Redwoods!

Mona M
Mona M3 months ago

thank you. am proud I have never labelled myself, thanks to my studies in linguistics!