Shower Scrub for Silky Soft Skin

When you start scratching a dog, have you noticed how they start swooning and wriggling to get more and more? With this lustrous scrub cream you’ll feel like that pet. The experience on your skin is softly abrasive and it satisfies all the itches while at the same time brings your skin to its cleanest, most healthy beauty.

In India, bathing was always pure pleasure. There is a saying, “You can eat and regret; but not bathe and regret.”

Soft Shower Scrub
First massage yourself with a fruit or nut oil of your choice. While this step is optional, it provides a nice surface for the real scrub, and can give your skin much-needed lubrication, especially in the winter. Choose your oil with your personal needs in mind; older skin loves avocado oil, for example, whereas olive oil is better for younger skin. For more about the right oil for you, see Choose the Best Cosmetic Oils for Your Skin.

Second, place about 1 cup of plain white yogurt into a bowl and add enough chickpea flour to make a paste. (Chickpea flour is available in the natural food stores and sections of supermarkets.) Stir until well-mixed. Scoop some of the paste into your hand and massage into your skin, all over your body.

Rub it on repeatedly, if you want, so it sort of crumbles off your skin, taking away all the deep-down dirt with it. This sounds painful but it isn’t. Sometimes you can scrub extra hard with the help of dried fibers of a gourd, or a loofah, which cleans especially well.

Shower and rinse thoroughly.

Adapted from Almond Eyes, Lotus Feet, by Sharada Dwivedi et al (Collins, 2007).


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