Siddhi is the Ability to Command Nature

Any ability to command nature is called a siddhi in Sanskrit. The word means “power,” and it refers to powers that have been perfected in consciousness.

Healing the sick is a siddhi, and like the supernatural feats that yogis are supposed to be able to perform – flying through the air, turning invisible, reading the past and future – the key to mastery is a shift in awareness. A person suddenly knows how to do something impossible, as simply and easily as I know how to lift my arm.

A shift in awareness does not require force. A person who has achieved the level of consciousness where siddhis are natural can breathe change into things as softly as you or I wish and dream, using no more energy than it takes to stir a thought.

The basic principle here is that reality is different in different states of consciousness. If I see a tree in my dreams, I can jump over it or make it turn blue or fly over it into the sky. What gives me such powers is the dream state. If I had no other state of awareness to compare it to, the dream state would constitute the only reality I know and accept as valid.

On waking up, I find that I cannot jump over a tree anymore, but why not? According to the rishis, what holds me back is not the tree but the arrival of waking-state consciousness. It has propelled me into a world that obeys different laws of nature.

“You think that a dream tree is inside your head,” a rishi might argue, “while a real tree is outside you. But this notion can only occur to you after you wake up. As long s you are in your dream, the tree seems to be outside you, just as it is in a waking state.

In truth, what you take to be the only ‘real’ tree should be called a waking-state tree. If you cannot jump over it, perhaps you need to wake up from waking. Then you would discover that this tree, too, was in your head.”

Adapted from Unconditional Life: Discovering the Power to Fulfill Your Dreams, by Deepak Chopra (A Bantam Book, 1991).


Aditya n.
Aditya n5 years ago

All those who believe in telekinesis, raise my hand.!!

Danuta Watola
Danuta W5 years ago

Thanks for the excellent article.

Sonny Honrado
Sonny Honrado7 years ago

In my dreams everything is so real. I know that I had a dream but upon waking up I tend to forget what it was all about, with a very few exceptions.

gail d.
gail dair8 years ago

interesting article

Anil Sanyal
Anil Sanyal8 years ago

very good information, thank you

Linda M.
Linda M8 years ago

interesting article

Nightcat Mau
Nightcat Mau8 years ago

I'm happy to see two more lucid dreamers. It is the astral realm, after all, and a wonderful place to get our mental chops.

Sylvia, do you think the space dream was a ast life or message sent to you? All too often my yappy teachers show up and ruin my bliss. Why do I have to learn so much? Groan, complain, whimper. :)

Uma Chernoff
Uma Chernoff8 years ago

Sylvia it was exactly that kind of dreaming, though mine involve flying, that set me on my path, the reality of the experience that became so constant that it was as if I formed the right mental combination awake I would just float off.Deep sleep is where we refresh ourselves in the ALWAYS NOW and our dreams just before awakening are the psyche's attempt to put the experience into some kind of dramatic linear order for conscious retrieval. I too love to dream. Are you a dream explorer, do you awake in the lucid dream and command the experience?

Sylvia W.
Sylvia W8 years ago

I fly in my dreams on a regular basis, and I am no child anymore. I also body-surf tsunamis and stroll among fish under water. The physical sensations are so distinct that if I close my eyes I can often recall them during the day - especially for the first few days after one of these dreams. I have an incredibly vivid memory of a dream back when I was maybe 12 or 13 years old where, without space craft or space suit I descended from space, watching a world which was not Earth get larger and larger until it was no longer ahead or above but below me, until finally my bare feet touched down on the reddish sandy soil of another world. The air had a faint scent similar to cinnamon and lavender. I have walked through a vast park with dinosaurs (this was decades before Jurassic Park was a gleam in Crichton's eye, much less Spielberg's) and watched space crafts weave a glowing web in the sky....

The fact that I cannot do these things while awake in 'this' world is mildly annoying, but at least it gives me something delightful to look forward to when the lights go out at night ;-)

gerlinde p.
gerlinde p8 years ago