Simple Braised Zucchini Recipe

Helen and Scott Nearing literally wrote the book on the joys of living simply, and this gem of a squash dish has all the flavors and virtues of their sustainable lifestyle. It is a delectable tribute to them and their way of cooking fresh, seasonal food both simply and deliciously.

Youíll love the no-measurements-needed ease of this fun and tasty recipe!

1. Cut scrubbed zucchini or summer squash into 2-inch chunks.

2. Saute a few onions in oil in a large heavy-bottomed skillet.

3. Add squash, a couple of cut-up tomatoes, and a handful of chopped fresh parsley.

4. Simmer uncovered for half an hour.

Inspired by Simple Food for the Good Life, by Helen Nearing (Chelsea Green, 1980).


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Thanks for this recipe. Love it.

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Lovely, thanks; we grow our own zucchini in the summer, so it´s always great to get new ideas and recipes!