Simple Handmade Holiday Gifts

I canít believe it’s December already! I don’t know about you, but I have handcrafting the perfect holiday gifts hot on the brain. Of course, like so many, I don’t have a lot of spare time or spare cash for gifts. Thankfully I came across the simple yet fun ideas in 15 Homemade Holiday Gift Ideas.

If you’re also ditching the consumerist mindset that you have to buy, buy, buy when it comes to the holidays, consider these gift ideas (these are my five favorites from the article I mentioned above):

1. Create themed scrapbooks depicting a favorite vacation, holiday or family celebration.

2. Tie bunches of dried herbs with a colorful ribbon and add some dried red peppers for accent color.

3. Create small sachet bags and fill with dried lavender.

4. Share your garden’s bounty by giving braided garlic or onion ropes.

5. Tie small kindling bundles of finely split aromatic wood, such as pine or cedar, with red or green cord and arrange in a basket with handles.

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Nils Anders Lunde
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Angie V.
Angie V5 years ago

scrapbooks are awesome

Jennifer P.
Jennifer P5 years ago

If you have lavender bushes, I like to make lavender wands, good for sachets in a drawer or closet. Leave the lavender on the stem, and when you harvest, leave a good stem length. Use an odd number of stems, and tie them at the base of where the blossoms are. It will take some finagling and a length of skinny ribbon to weave the ribbon and stems together like a basket, which contain the lavender buds inside.

Karen H.
Karen H5 years ago

Some great ideas!

Richelle Rausch
Richelle Rausch5 years ago

I made lavender linen spray. 3 ingredients and all food grade.

Fiona T.
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This should be the best one can get

Victoria Heby
Victoria Heby5 years ago

Thanks for the tips!

Nimue Pendragon

Great ideas. I did lavender bags one year: bought the gauze bags with ribbons for around 50c each, some cheap brooches (some 2nd hand from St. Vinnies) just as an added decoration and pinned them where the ribbon ties, and a kilo bag of lavender from a lavender farm AUD$60, very cheap, and because lavender weighs light you get a humungous amount, enough to make truckloads of fragrant bags! :)

Teresa Garcia

Nice!. Thx...