Sleep Sweetly with Sleep Pillows

Sleep pillowsólittle herb-filled pillows that have aromatherapeutic effectsóare used for concerns like chronic insomnia and headaches. They are even appropriate for individuals who are feeling a lot of anxiety and stress. Part of the therapeutic effect of using an herbal sleep pillow comes from making the pillow; they are fun to create!

To prepare a sleep pillow: Cut one 6- by 8-inch piece of cloth. (Any natural fiber cloth will do.) Fold the cloth in half, with the wrong sides together, and stitch up two sides of the cloth (leaving one end open). Turn the sewn cloth right side out. Put approximately ľ cup of dried crushed herbs into the cloth pillow and stitch open sides closed. Slip the sleep pillow into your pillowcase on the side that will be next to your face. As you sleep, you will smell the aromas, which will have a therapeutic effect on you.

Favorite Sleep Pillows

  • Hops and chamomile are a good combination for restful sleep.
  • Mugwort and rosemary blend for vivid dreams.
  • Lavender prevents insomnia.
  • Coyote mint relieves congestion.

From Growing 101 Herbs that Heal by Tammi Hartung (Storey Publishing, 2000).


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Lavender can be hung, dried out and used as an incense if you use a charcoal block method for burning. American Sweet grass(Hierochloe odorata) is another real beauty for a herbal pillow as well as burning.I am trying to grow some in a pot but it likes to be in a wet and peaty ground so it can spread. I would like some cyote mint though, sounds interesting.

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