Soft Heart Tool – Take Some Time to Reenergize

Following an exhausting day working, taking care of the house and family or laboring over final exams, most of us want to relax and recover.† Recuperating and re-energizing is important not only for the remainder of the day, but the next as well, and especially before the start of a new week.

All of us have access to a variety of interventions for physical discomfort or pain, including massage, sauna, yoga, topical applications or pain relievers. What about the emotional stress and imbalance that builds up some days and sometimes seems overwhelming? Those days when we experience negative emotions like anger and anxiety can be especially exhausting and draining.

It is as important to regenerate and find renewed emotional balance as it is to care for physical injury and pain. The symptoms of emotional stress and imbalance may not be alarming initially: slight irritability and anxiousness over little things, uncharacteristic inattentiveness to family, friends or work, less-than-normal clarity in decision-making. Eventually, however, the effects on performance, relationships and even health become more noticeable and frequent.

Is there an effective strategy for addressing emotional stress and imbalance?

The Institute of HeartMath has developed a number of techniques and one of the most effective and popular is the Soft Heart Tool.

Your “soft heart” is an easygoing, warm place of compassion for you, a place of ease and self-care, like a warm blanket or bath. Practicing HeartMath’s Soft Heart Tool 2 or 3 times a week can help you recuperate and reenergize from the emotional stress of daily life.

Why not try it right now -

Soft Heart Tool

  • Recognize that you are feeling disturbed, overwhelmed, depressed or some other depleting or negative emotion.
  • Acknowledge that it is not these or other emotions that cause you to feel drained or out of sorts as much as it is the significance you give them.
  • Find your Soft Heart attitude by intentionally feeling love, care or appreciation for a person, pet or something you truly care about. This helps take you to a soft place in your heart and increases your ability to feel care and compassion for yourself.
  • Soak and relax any unwanted feelings in the compassion of your heart, letting the significance dissolve a little at a time. Take your time.

My wish is that you will take some time to regenerate and find renewed emotional balance by going into your soft heart.

† The information in this discussion was adapted from the HeartMath e-booklet, The Power of Emotion. Click on the link to receive this e-Booklet for free.


Dave C.
David C4 years ago

thanks, always try to take some relaxation time for myself every day...can really feel it when I don't

Janet C.
Janet C4 years ago

I LOVE IT...thank you :-)

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Franck R.
Past Member 4 years ago

Thank you

Cedar F.
Past Member 4 years ago

This is something I need to try. Thank you.

Jess No Fwd Plz K.
Jessica K4 years ago

Great advice on how to apply compassion, and to realize emotion is just what it is, emotion, nothing more or less. This too shall pass. Thanks.

Judy Apelis
Judy A4 years ago

Thank you!

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Thank you for the reminder.:)

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