Spicy Cheetos Are Hospitalizing Kids

Parents, beware: the spicy snacks in your pantry may be dangerous to your kids—and not because they lack nutritional value. Emergency room doctors are reporting treating more and more kids every day who have developed gastritis—a painful inflammation or erosion of the stomach lining—after eating Flamin’ Hot Crunchy Cheetos.

Doctors say that the snacks change the pH balance in the stomach, making it painfully acidic. And it’s not just the spice content—your jar of salsa can rest easy—doctors also believe that it’s the flavor coating on the Cheetos that’s contributing to the change in pH.

Now, multiple school districts have banned the sale of the Flamin’ Hot Crunchy Cheetos on school grounds. Frito Lay, which makes and sells the snack, responded with the statement that they’re “committed to responsible and ethical practices, which includes not marketing our products to children ages 12 and under.” Sort of hard to believe them though, considering that the Cheetos brand mascot is an anthropomorphic cartoon cheetah.

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Teresa A.
Teresa Aguirre3 years ago

Ya know, it also could be that children eat them almost constantly, just like every snack, and it might not actually be the Cheetos. Children get cavities from eating too many sweets and not brushing their teeth and eating sweets in moderation. This could be the same scenario.
Now, it says that the doctors "believe" that its the powder flavoring on the Cheetos, but there's no actual proof yet. I did have a cousin who went to the hospital because of hot Cheetos, but it was mainly because he was always eating them, besides breakfast, lunch and dinner. So, he ended up getting Gastritis and going to the hospital. He's absolutely fine now and I'm pretty sure he still ate hot Cheetos afterwards.
So, it could be that you need to moderate the intake of hot Cheetos instead of blaming the manufacturer and refusing to eat them at all.
I love hot Cheetos. I could eat a whole bag in one sitting or make it last a week or 2, but I don't eat them all the time. However, it's your decision on what your child or children can and cannot eat.

Maria E.
Maria E3 years ago

"The news here is that PARENTS shouldn't feed this snack to their kids - not that the snack should be banned or that Frito-Lay is evil. "

YES, It should be banned as should all gmo food products. Their gmo seeds contain Bt, E coli, antibiotic, "glyphosate" and other biologicals, How is all that in each sead a benefit to a child?

Maria E.
Maria E3 years ago

Doctors are such protectors of all things nasty and dangerous , it's not the heat it's genetically modified organism that lay ruin to one's gut. This is not food it's bio technology just incase the kids don't get enough of that through geo engineering of our skies which is real and dangerous to our health just as much as gmo food.

Kelly Hickey
Kelly Hickey3 years ago

wow good to know

DaleLovesOttawa O.

Thankfully, these were not the sort of thing that I ate as a child. Far too much additives/chemicals and other unhealthy ingredients in these 'chips.'

Arlis T.
Arlis T.3 years ago

The news here is that PARENTS shouldn't feed this snack to their kids - not that the snack should be banned or that Frito-Lay is evil. As far as marketing to kids just because they have a cartoon mascot - MetLife's mascot is Snoopy the Dog from Peanuts. Is MetLife marketing term life insurance to children?



Brittany D.
Brittany D.3 years ago

That explains my stomach conditions I've had since 13 I'm now 23 been eating Hot Cheetos since I was 9.

Jenifer Yang
Jenifer Yang3 years ago

really? a petition to stop selling this stuff to children? how about stop BUYING it for your kids if you think it's that bad. i eat these and have since i was a kid and my kids eat these as well (one bag by the both of them gone in a day).

Cameron D.
Cameron D.3 years ago

The same thing happened to my little brother in June. Now he's afraid to eat anything remotely spicy.