A Space Clearing Ritual to Revive Your Home

Spring is the time of new beginnings. Connected to the wood element in Feng Shui, spring represents birth and new possibilities.

Spring is also about clearing out the old and bringing in new energy. It is a wonderful time to do a thorough home cleaning and energetic space clearing, setting the stage for auspicious new beginnings.

Spring Cleaning

Start your spring clearing by cleaning all of the areas that are not part of your usual routine. Open all of the windows as you do, allowing for the natural space clearing as the air blows through your home. Once you feel the difference, you will become a fresh-air addict!

Continue by cleaning the glass on all your pictures, clear out the junk drawer and wipe out the shelves that you never get to during the year. Focus on the hard-to-get-to places that never see the light of day — like the pan shelves, under the bed and the linen closet.

Purge and Clutter Clear

Focus on purging as well as cleaning, using these guidelines: Ask yourself -

  • Do I love it?
  • It is useful or something I use on a regular basis?
  • Does it reflect my current taste and style?

If not, pass it on to someone to whom it will be of use, moving the chi (energy) in a natural flow of recycling and reusing.


Do an Energetic Cleaning

After you clean and clutter clear, you can experience a deeper level of energetic cleaning by doing a space clearing. This addresses all of the unseen energies which are just as real as the tangible clutter.

If you have ever walked into a room were you felt you could cut the energy with a knife, your are experiencing the unseen energies. A spring space clearing is a wonderful way to clear out energy that has been collecting in the home throughout the past year.

Feng Shui teaches that our homes are a compilation of energies. They are embodied in the objects we choose to display, our interactions with these objects, and all of the emotions we experience there. They absorb all that happens in our lives.

Energies are not good or bad, they just become dense after a period of time. They collect in solid substances like furniture and fabrics, and if not cleared periodically will anchor in old patterns and make it harder for us to move on. Space clearing is an ancient practice used by many cultures for thousands of years.

There are many space clearing techniques. Native Americans use a lit sage stick, while other cultures use incense. Along with sage or incense, I find it most effective to use a loud clanging instrument like a bell, drum, rattle or gong. Even clapping loudly is an effective tool for breaking up the dense energies and encouraging them to move on.

Place a large bowl of water with flowers floating on the top in the center of the home. This will absorb the energies you are clearing. Light a candle and a stick of sage or incense and let it permeate the home. If you are allergic to both, just do the next technique.

Start at the front door moving counter-clockwise around your home, using your space clearing tool of choice. Put your intention to clear out the old and move in the new. Visualize the stuck energy releasing from the ceiling, walls and furniture and moving out the windows – as you ring your bell, clap hour hands or drum – moving up and down the walls.

It is the power of your intention along with the loud sounds that breaks up the energy and moves it on. Make sure to empty the bowl of water off of your property when you are through, don’t pour it down the sink. These are pretty dense energies and I have know sinks to back up after doing so. Lessons learned….

Bring in Objects from Nature that Represent New Beginnings

Once you have done your spring cleaning, spring purging and space clearing, bring in objects from nature that represent new beginnings. You will find them in fresh spring bulbs and the pastel blossoms of flowering trees. All of the symbols of Easter such as eggs, bunnies and chicks are wonderful affirmations of new life and possibilities.

Create spring baskets and arrangements, and display them prominently throughout your home. My sister always creates wonderful spring Easter centerpieces for our table. She weaves fragrant baskets of soft fennel leaves garnished with orange nasturtiums, purple rosemary and lavender collected from her garden and fills them with her colorful hand-painted eggs.

These happy symbols of new possibilities will act as environmental affirmations, moving your life in the positive new direction you desire!



Erica Sofrina is a Nationally recognized speaker, teacher , author and Feng Shui Consultant. She is the founder of the Academy of Feng Shui and consults internationally on Feng Shui and Interior Design.


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