Spring, Stars and Win Free Things!

Want to find out how the stars are going green? Or want to know what’s in the stars for you? Better yet, want to send someone a green star? Great news, the stars are aligned at Care2!

Spring has arrived at Care2 Healthy and Green Living, and we are celebrating the birth of many great new things. The first is our “People Making a Difference” series. We will be bringing you interviews with celebrities and Care2 members who are greening their personal lives and are also helping to make a difference in their communities. We start off the series with Grammy Award-nominated guitarist Derek Trucks. Check out Mel’s interview and find out how to win one of Derek’s albums.

Also new to Care2: our astrology channel and daily astrology newsletter. Get a daily feng shui tip along with your essential daily dose of astrology and scopes for love, home & garden, and even your pets. Sign up for our astrology newsletter today!

We have a number of great free spring product giveaways as part of our new Conscious Consumer category – check out cute bags for the farmer’s market, fabulous heirloom seeds for your organic garden, and love lotions to share with your special someone.

And speaking of spending time with someone special, don’t forget to turn your lights out this Saturday night for Earth Hour. We have seven ways that you could spend the hour – or the entire evening – in delicious darkness.

Oh – and back to those stars….You know those green stars we all love to give and receive as thank-yous? Now they are not only green, but smart too — with the new smart stars you can tell a member why you’re giving them a green star. Send a star today!

And last, but certainly not least, we have added a number of new categories to Healthy & Green Living, including Garden & Nature, Crafts & Design, Fashion, and Holidays. Just click here to select any of the new categories for your personalized newsletter.

We hope that you are enjoying the lightness of Spring (or Fall if you are a resident of the Southern Hemisphere) and our new content and features.

Share your thoughts in the comment field below and you’ll be entered in a drawing to win a free eco-friendly Care2 tote bag! (One winner will be selected at random and announced on April 10.) We’d love to hear about things you enjoy, content you would like to see more of, or any other feedback you have. Thanks!

***Congratulations to Adria M., winner of the Care2 tote bag! And thanks to all for your comments and suggestions!***


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Green Road A.
Eric Straatsma7 years ago

Astrology, good stuff if done right..

Charley H.
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Sara B.
Sara B8 years ago

this is great, all the tips I need to live a healthy and green life

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Angelica B8 years ago

Spring is such a good time for learning more tips on how to be green.

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Bobbi C8 years ago

Great reading, I love all the different topics.

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Robyn H8 years ago

Thanks to all for your comments and suggestions! :)

Kristen O.

Good stuff

JM Mcmann
JM Mcmann8 years ago

You may have this already but I've seen on other sites like a Q&S section (Question and Solution). It will have one little question and answer every day. Example: How do you keep hamburger meat from sticking to your hands when making patties? Keep your hands wet. So simple!