Springtime Home Improvement: DIY or Move (with Videos)

Spring may have come in like a lamb, but it often leaves behind a lion’s worth of home repair projects in its wake. Is your household budget stretched so thin that it is hard to save for basic home repairs and springtime home improvement projects? If so, what do you do?

DIY or Move?

Some might consider moving. But with the uncertainty of the economy, more and more folks are postponing moving plans and opting to stay put. Most people also feel safer in the environment they are already in. Staying and figuring out how to do home repairs and improvements seems to be the answer for many.

Remodel Or Move says in its remodeling forecast that 67 percent of homeowners who are considering home improvement projects plan to do some of the work themselves. That DIY majority seems to be rising.

I’ve written a lot about DIY, and I am so smitten by the DIY bug that I can’t put the idea down just yet. Last week, much to my delight, most of you embraced the idea of going from “passive consumers to creators.” Approaching this mindset makes DIY a huge part of the home improvement equation, and often the first line of defense.

Adopting the DIY ethos can save thousands of dollars. A problem-solving approach includes having the right tools, and most importantly, informational sources that make it so that you do not have to figure everything out by yourself. There are countless sources for step-by-step advice, from how-to guides, to in-store workshops, to the zillions of DIY sites on the web (check Care2 blogs for DIY ideas), and let’s not forget YouTube….

What are the top 3 DIY eco-friendly projects for the home that will enhance your health, save money and protect the environment?

Green Home Improvement Project:
Fix a leaky faucet.

Green Interior Design Project:
Paint a room with eco-friendly paint.

Green Outdoor Project

Choose to plant an organic garden instead of planting more lawn.


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