Stingrays to be Slaughtered for Shoes

By Ali Berman, Ecorazzi

The innovative ways people come up with to exploit animals in the effort to make some cash never ceases to amaze us. This time, a new company called Rayfish is raising genetically engineered stingrays to make expensive shoes.

How are they genetically engineering them? Rayfish explains on their website, “Rayfish Footwear uses a patented process of bio-customization, which allows you to design your own living, transgenic stingray. Using the DNA on file in our genetic library, you can combine the skin patterns and coloration from dozens of different species.”

That means that by using the DNA from other species, they are able to change the look of the stingrays that are grown in their facility. Each stingray is slaughtered to make one shoe. Are you cringing? Us too.

The company does have a note about the stingrays being raised “humanely” although it doesn’t specify what that means. Perez Hilton points to a photo on Rayfish’s facebook page showing a picture of some “Zebra” stingrays.

They haven’t started mass production yet, but they expect to in late 2012. Sneakers will be priced at $1800 a pair. At least with high prices like those, the number of sneakers they sell will be lower. But then again, when you do the math, if they sell 100 pairs, that’s 200 stingrays sacrificed.

Image credit: Albert Kok / Flickr


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Penny B.
.5 years ago

Just terrible!

Dale Overall

This is just creepy, there are plenty of fabrics to use making shoes without killing off a genetically modified creation whose sole (no pun intended) purpose is to make shoes. A lot of artificial materials already exist, why not create their own funky ecologically sensible shoe out of a renewable resource, not a stingray?

cori johnson
Cori johnson5 years ago


Diana T.
Diana T5 years ago

This is Unbelievable;what sick,twisted,Freak would buy a thing like this knowing where it came from&How it was made?Some ppl. are cosmic Sadists..whoever dreamed up this moneymaking scheme ought to be skinned alive,so they get a little taste of their own medicine-

Isabelle J.
Isabelle J5 years ago


Darla Taylor
Past Member 5 years ago

This is horrible. I agree with B Smith, we ought to be able to sign a petition against this. Maybe they'll listen.

Mary B.
Mary B5 years ago

Teresa, There will probably always be some people, who for vanity, will want products that exploit animals, but my point is, if we were not all enslaved to an economic system that says we have no right to survive if we don't have work, think of how many unnessesary jobs that use up tons of resources to create stuff we don't really need or want anyway would end.How many horrible working conditions that exploit people and animals would have to clean up their act so someone would do the work for extra money.I am sorry you have such a hateful view of our species. Your body must live in fear, as it is part of the human animal kingdom.

B Smith
Barbara Smith5 years ago

We ought to be able to sign a petition.

Teresa Cowley
Teresa Cowley5 years ago

People aren't exploiting nature because they have no money--contrarily, they are generally exploiting nature because they have money to pay for the furs and skins of slaughtered animals, and because they are low, gross and disgusting creatures with no morals or humanity in them!

Sara Bergeron
Sara Bergeron5 years ago

please make everyone aware of this cruelty. governments never seem to care about these issues