Storage: Simple S Hooks

We’re always looking for ways to get more use out of the things we already own. S hooks are a low-tech, versatile storage solution that can be used with shelving, ceiling hooks, storage railsóeven a simple tree branch as a coat rack (above, photo via Ferm Living).

Above: S hooks suspend wicker baskets from the ceiling for easy, attractive storage. Photo via Modern Country.

Above: Use S hooks to display your kitchen tools, either hanging from a shelf (above, photo by Marcus Svensson) or a steel rail (below).

Above: A European kitchen via OWI.

Above: Ikea Bygel S-Hooks; $0.99 for a pack of ten.

For more ideas on using S hooks in an open, organized kitchen, visit Remodelista’s post on Open Rail Storage Systems.


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Simple and useful.

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Edvanir L4 years ago

I lover the tree branch as a coat rack!!!

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Robyn L.
Robyn P5 years ago

In my narrow, no storage bathroom, we have a towel rack that holds about one and a half towels.
Seeing as neither of us will make do with a hand towel after a shower, I sewed loops mid way along the length of four towels. I used s hooks to hang. Now I have plenty of towels at the ready.

Shell S.
Past Member 5 years ago

Wow....I love this idea. Especially the one with the big stick and hanging clothes. Very natural looking. Thank you so much for the ideas. Namaste

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