8 Wacky & Wonderful Theme Hotels


For the most part, hotels try to stay as bland as possible. Drab colors, generic art, hideous floral patterns on the duvet covers.. you know the drill. But not every hotel is so inoffensively generic, not at all! Across the globe, you’ll find some miraculously interesting hotels. From elaborate themes to unusual locations,these places are so much more than just a place to crash. Click through to check out some of the world’s most unusual hotels.

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1. Hotel Filosoof, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Want to study marxist theory, ancient Greek philosophy, or the works of Confucius? Hotel Filosoof is the place for you. Each of the 38 rooms at this boutique hotel are inspired by some of the greatest thinkers our world has ever known. You’ll find rooms decked with famous quotes, and decor inspired by their work. Check out the “Clouds” room, inspired by Aristophanes’ comedy of the same name, a blue oasis.

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2. Hotel Welcome, Brussels, Belgium

Travel the world without leaving the building in this decked-out hotel. From Zanzibar to Japan, each of the 17 rooms at this hotel were painstakingly designed around a different country. Stay in the Egyptian suite, where you’ll find a sarcophagus and other replicas of ancient relics. Or rest your head in the colorful Bali room, complete with authentic Balinese furniture and art. No word on whether they’re stamp your passport for you, too!

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3. White Lounge, Mayrhofen, Austria

You don’t need to travel to the Arctic circle to stay in one of the world’s many ice hotels. Indeed, all you need to do is take a cable car up a mountain,High in a ski resort in the Austrian Alps, this seasonal hotel offers guests chilly accommodations in one of its ten igloo suites. After a cable car up the mountain, and a guided hike to the hotel, guests can enjoy hot drinks at the ice bar, a nighttime hike by candlelight, and a cozy fondue dinner. And, if you’re still feeling cold, don’t worry — there’s a sauna on site!

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4. Beach Sun Retreat, Dymchurch, England

In a country famed for it’s gray weather, it’s no surprise that the Beach Sun Retreat is a popular rental villa among the Brits. You’ll find sunshine and hot weather 365 days a year in the sun room, thanks to specially installed “sun simulators,” which fully replicates every aspect of natural sunlight. And, of course, it’s all decked out light a tropical beach retreat!

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5. Jules’ Undersea Lodge, Key Largo, Florida

Looking for a truly unique hotel room with some truly unique views? Check out Jules’ Undersea Lodge in the Florida Keys. After diving 21 feet through a tropical mangrove, you’ll reach the world’s only underwater hotel.Once a marine lab, the lodge comes complete with a two bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room, air conditioning, a hot shower, a television — there’s even wi-fi! And, of course, you’ll find watch some fascinating marine life out of one of the lodge’s many large windows.

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6. The Atomium, Brussels, Belgium

Originally built for the 1958 World’s Fair, the Atomium is a Belgian landmark. Each of those spheres contains a room, with escalators connecting them. It’s not quite a hotel — only school groups are allowed to spend the night — those kids sure are lucky!Visitors can, however, take a peek during the day at the permanent exhibit on the World’s Fair and temporary exhibits featuring art, architects, science, and more.

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Image Credit: nicolasnova via Flickr


7. Magic Mountain Lodge, Panguipulli, Chile

If you’ve ever dreamt of spending the night under a waterfall, Magic Mountain Lodge is the place for you. This whimsical building is tucked deep in the forest of Southern Chile. Enter the lodge, constructed with local materials, via a wooden bridge with picturesque views of the tree canopy.

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8. Madonna Inn, San Luis Obispo, California

What’s the theme of this famed inn? Well, there isn’t one, exactly. Each of the rooms has it’s own unique theme or decor – there’s a caveman suite, a room perfect for an sophisticated English gentleman, a retro room with daisy wallpaper and hot pink carpeting, a safari room, and so, so, so much more! Pictured here is the inn’s famous Gold Rush Streak House, all decked out for the holidays!

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