Stressed? 3 Easy Ways to Clear your Mind and Calm your Nerves

You donít always need a pill to calm down and chill. Agitated nerves love a soothing touch, a few moments spent in serenity, and some feel-good mind-body tricks.

1. Meditate upon a flower: or even a blade of grass. Get outdoors, and sit comfortably. The simply gaze softly at a small element of nature, noticing every little detail … the sepals of the blossom, the drop of dew quivering on the tip of the grass. Within a few minutes, you will feel yourself relaxing.

2. Press the webbing of your hand: it is the fleshy area between your thumb and forefinger. Press both sides of one hand with your other thumb, slowly making small circles. Acupressure experts say it brings relief from headaches in less than a minute. I just find that it eases my nerves. You can learn many more simple and effective self-relaxation tips here.

3. Imagine putting away your tensions: the mind can be a powerful ally in your efforts to quell stress. If you have had a hard day, imagine that you have put all the dayís stress-causing factors into a bag, and set the bag outside your bedroom. Or, get outdoors and slowly exhale, imagining that you are blowing out your tensions with each exiting breath. These visualization techniques may seem too simple to work, but they do! To experience the truth of this for yourself, try this, even if just for a few minutes.

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Rekha S3 years ago

Stress is a huge part of my life so thanks for this.

Tanya W.
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Tried the headache one and it doesn't work for me. Wish I could meditate - will persevere with that one.

Briony Coote
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I am going to keep the second one in mind when working at the computer.

Edward Stevens
Edward Stevens3 years ago

these are very helpful, especially the acupressure. Acupressure does not ONLY help in stress relief but it also helps in pain relief such as back pain. I learned some acupressure techniques here

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