Students Discover New Bamboo Species

University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point students identified and named two new bamboo species. Biology and forestry professor Emmet Judziewicz is also credited in the discovery. The three co-authored a paper together about their findings.

Tonya Wayda and Eddie Shea are the students who identified and gave the scientific names Aulonemia austroviscosa and A. bromoides to the species. The actual bamboo samples were provided by students from Bolivia. The area where the bamboo species are from in Bolivia is likely to hold other undiscovered species. Professor Judziewicz remarked on the potential, “There’s decades, if not a century of work on these bamboos. If you can get to every remote mountainside in South America and collect this group of bamboos. It’s so diverse, we’ve barely scratched the surface on the diversity of these things.”

For example, Bolivia’s Amboro National Park is thought to have about 638 plant species, including some that are bamboo, but there could be many more there not yet identified. Madidi National Park is several times larger, and has an estimated 4,700 plant species. It also has 1,000 identified bird species.

Bolivian National Park Madidi

Bolivia has many identified species of bamboo. The number is at least 17, not counting the two new ones. Several of them have commercial value for people.

Bamboo Musical Instrument

Image Credit: Clemson

Note that the bamboo picture above is not the actual species mentioned. A photo was not readily available.


Jo Asprec
Jo Asprec6 years ago

The bamboo instrument has a nice sound and the performance was good.

Jo Asprec
Jo Asprec6 years ago

I like many species of bamboo. Nice to know they've found new species in Bolivia.

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Siti Rohana
Siti R7 years ago

love bamboo! the most flexible, resilient yet hardy piece of nature that Man ought to respect and culitivate. its characteristics is also what we need in the leadership circles of the world.

Annabelle T.
Annabelle T7 years ago

Interesting. Thanks, Jake!

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L7 years ago


Paul Meyer
Paul Meyer7 years ago

Bamboo is good stuff. Bring more on. Have you ever hung out in a bamboo forest? What a peaceful place.

Susan T.
SUSAN T7 years ago

t bamboo puts back into the environment more Oxygen than any other plant or tree, is fast growing and very "farmable", makes the very softest bed sheets, etc., even hearty flooring. Why haven't we been planting bamboo everywhere?

Jennifer S.
Jennifer A7 years ago

Great news!

Robin T.
R T7 years ago

Seems we still have a lot to learn about this amazing grass. Both as a building material and as a useful tool in our fight against our carbon foot print.
Bamboo has a array of uses from manufacturing fabrics to building materials. Its roughly 25% stronger than mild steel. It produces about 35% more oxygen that an equivalent treed area and depending on variety reaches full maturity within 7 years. It was I believe the first plant species to recover after Hiroshima.

Make a difference, show Love, Understanding and Tolerance. Plant a Tree.