4 Ideas for Your Summer Goals List

Instead of waiting for a new year, I like to set seasonal goals for my life. With each season comes renewal, so it’s the perfect opportunity. Care to join me? Here are some ideas for goals you can add to your summer list.

1. Prep for Your Fall Garden

If you do a bit of planning now, you can order fall garden seeds from some great seed companies in your area. Then—even if it’s a small one—you can plant your fall garden in late summer. Crops such as lettuce, spinach, beets, turnips and carrots thrive in many regions in fall.

For tips to help you achieve this goal, see Grow Your Best Fall Garden: What, When and How and Top Tips for Great Fall Gardens.

2. Embrace Foods That Make You Feel Good

Too often resolutions that revolve around food have to do with calorie counting and measuring waste lines. Ditch that thinking, and instead simply eat to feel great. The right foods can boost your energy, make your brain sharper, and simply make you feel happier. Learn more in Boost Nutrition with These Food Pairings.

3. Plan a Canning Party

There’s no better way to capture the flavors of summer than home canning. Get a few friends together to can whole tomatoes, strawberry jam, pasta sauce, pickles … the list could go on! Canning with friends makes the process go by quickly and it’s tons of fun. Plus, by preserving local food while it’s in-season, you’ll cut down on purchasing nutritionally inferior, shipped-from-far-away produce during the off-season. Read more about the benefits of canning in Putting Food By the Old-Fashioned Way and get resources to help you in your canning endeavors by checking out this Home Canning Guide.

4. Get Your Jog On

Already a jogger? Awesome! Thinking of getting out there in the sunshine and fresh air to get some exercise? You too can do it. Getting into a jogging routine doesn’t have to be like pulling teeth—it can be an enjoyable, motivating experience. For inspiration and advice, see Learn How to Jog with These Simple Jogging Tips.

Have a wonderful, fun-filled summer, everyone!

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Sonia M
Sonia M10 months ago

Thanks for sharing

Elisa F.
Elisa F4 years ago

Love Summer! Thanks for sharing.

Kathy Perez
Kathy Johnson5 years ago


Dale Overall

Summer, a delightful season without the -40 temperatures assaulting my car, no longer an icy mechanical beastie forlorn and bereft clambering for escape under a ton of heavy snow. Or me shivering from the icy blasts of wind as the icicles scream for warmth.

Summer, with high humidex of tropical style weather with mosquitoes the size of an air traffic control tower. Still, much preferable to Winter.

Summer, a great time to escape from spammers such as Judy W with no visible profile dumping the dating ad into the comment section and not even leaving a word about summer...will "flag as inappropriate" as soon as the little box appears....

Let me see, prepare for an autumn garden...easy enough as my tiny garden such as it is containing herbs, tomatoes, spinach and flowers is on a balcony. Canning perhaps, but jogging is a suggestion that I will leave to others while walking by the tranquil and serene river watching for loons, herons and other wildlife. Will stick to walking, Tai Chi and perhaps try out some Yoga. As for embracing feel good foods have done that all my life since Mom was a great cook and taught us all to prepare and cook foods well while savouring their delicious flavours.

Perhaps I can get some camping in this summer, a crackling campfire along with savoury treats to roast over the fire as the cry of the loons echo across the vast river.

Have a safe and happy Summer everyone!

Sasha M.
Past Member 5 years ago

"Embrace Foods That Make You Feel Good" always good.

Zazgyva A.
Zazgyva A5 years ago

nice article, thx

Sarah M.
Sarah M5 years ago


Sam M.
Sam E M5 years ago

Perfect! Except the jogging - thumping the sidewalk while breathing in car fumes is not much fun and the park is already full of other runners and children playing - prefer swimming at the local pool. :)
Something else we enjoy is making a list of all the local markets around our area and going to a different one each time to buy fresh produce. Walking there does us good and if the bags are too heavy we can always bus back. Market walking during the sunny days is very enjoyable and recharges the batteries. :)

federico bortoletto
federico b5 years ago

Grazie delle informazioni.

Norma V.
Norma Villarreal5 years ago

Summer goals? Still looking forward to fall as I recently retired!