Sun Chips Makes Snacking a Little Lighter On The Environment

The year that I kept all of my trash in my basement one of the items that I could not get around was chips bags. I hate to say it, and I know how bad they can be, but I have always loved snack chips of any kinds. Of course I could have stopped eating them, but one of my rules was that I wouldn’t cut things out just to stop creating trash, but instead, to try to finds way around the waste my choices created as best I could. Sadly, chips were a little bit of a dead end, so when I looked through the 28.5 pounds of trash I had created in 2008, there were more than a few of those little babies in attendance.

That’s why I’m fairly psyched that Sun Chips now comes in a 10.5 ounce fully biodegradable bag! A recycled bag would have been one thing, but a biodegradable bag? That’s just too cool. Apparently the new bags, which look, feel, and sound a bit different are made entirely of corn based ingredients and fully compost in an average home composter in about 14 weeks. I’m planning on checking into this myself to see if it’s accurate, but according to the great info on their website, they did extensive real world and laboratory testing and it pretty much disappears. Too cool.

Now I know that there are problems with corn, and I am in no way suggesting that everyone head out and start buying snack chips as fruit is a little better on the waste line. But if you are like me and this is one of those areas that you can’t quite cut out of your life completely, its nice to know that there is a better alternative to the old metallic packaging. What’s even better is that this is the kind of thing that everyday people may pick up on and then wonder why other packaging isn’t biodegradable.

So here’s what I’d suggest. The next time you are in the store and feel a hankering for chips, go with the Sun Chips in the biodegradable bag. When you get home, contact the company and let them know how happy you are that they are doing this. But more importantly, take a minute and contact the company that makes the chips you were going to buy (or any major chip brand for that matter) and let them know that you are no longer buying their chips due to their packaging and will reconsider when they start making biodegradable bags of their own. Why? Because a company whose sales drop does some investigating. A company that gets 20,000 letters saying they are losing sales due to their packaging changes their packaging. It’s that simple.


So happy snacking, happy composting, and make sure to eat some fruit every now and then.


Reade H.
Reade H7 years ago

Well they've given up on the recycled bag thing now. Turns out people didn't like the way the packaging was so loud and crinkly. So Sunchip bags are no longer bio-degradable.
As is often the case, if the consumer doesn't like it then it's gone.

Janel C.
Janel V7 years ago

This is a fantastic idea. Unfortunately I have to follow a gluten free diet now,so I cannot eat Sun Chips. They used to be my favorite.If they came out with a gluten free chip,I would buy it!

Henrique Marsh
Past Member 7 years ago

So when I looked through the 28.5 pounds of garbage that I created in 2008 was more than a couple of those little children are present.
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Megan Dietz
Megan Dietz7 years ago

one of my teachers also told me that they use solar power when making sun chips

Melissa M.
Melissa Marcus7 years ago

I'm so glad that Sun Chips is doing this. I hope other brands copy them and begin making their own biodegradeable bags.

Nellie K A.
Nellie K Adaba7 years ago

These are some of my favorite brand chips along with Terra Chips and the new Pop Chips. I also love Veggie Chips or Veggie Crisps.

Danielle W.
Danielle W7 years ago


Chere Jurgens
Chere Jurgens7 years ago

i hope there will be more manufacturers that follow suit.

sergei lindmets
sergei lindmets7 years ago

I like to think that this is the start of more responsible packaging.

Athena Handras
Athena H7 years ago

finally, somebody getting smart! I love sunchips, but I feel even better now knowing that their biodegradeable!