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Surprising Inventions That Help Our Environment

While you may picture Indiana Jones when you hear the word “exploration,” there have been major discoveries in technology, music, food and more that are shaping the way we view and treat the world. Check out these surprising inventions that help our environment while challenging our traditional notion of exploration.

YoGen Charger

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There are few things more stress-inducing than running on the very last bars of power for your laptop, smartphone or other mobile device while you’re on the go. The YoGen charger solves this issue with a 100 percent green solution. This clever, hand-powered charger uses a little bit of elbow grease to create kinetic energy that converts into power for your devices.

Bedol Water-Powered Clock

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All you have to do to make this ingenious and affordable clock run is to fill its tank with tap water. Not only will you save money from batteries, but you’ll also save the environment from having to absorb the toxicity from another discarded battery.

Etón Rukus Solar Speakers

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These Etón Rukus wireless speakers incorporate nifty solar panels, making the product one of the few portable speakers that is powered as long as the sun shines. The speakers are Bluetooth-capable, feature an e-ink display that is more energy-efficient, and has a solid sound game.

AUG Living Goods Program

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The perfect sidekick for the eco-conscious foodie, this AUG Living Goods system allows you to take it with you to the grocery store, scan any product’s barcode, and retrieve information on its producer, how far the food has traveled, whether it’s in season, historical pricing, detailed consumer ratings and even your own purchasing history. Now you can eat smarter and better for Mother Nature!

Andrea Air Filter

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This innovative planter and air purifier uses the natural air filtration power of plants to efficiently remove airborne toxins and volatile organic compounds such as formaldehyde from the air. By using a whisper-quiet fan that draws polluted indoor air into a clear dome that houses an ordinary houseplant, the result is more purified air than any ordinary houseplant could produce on its own. Watch this video to learn how to submit your own innovative project idea to National Geographic ’s Expedition Granted for $50,000. Head over to to check out other inspirational proposals for exploration, whether it’s in technology, the environment, the arts or more.

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