16 Surprising Uses for Toothbrushes


Toothbrushes do a fantastic job at keeping your pearly whites in tip-top shape, so it only makes sense that they’d be a great tool for cleaning other things — including some of the most frustrating spots and items in your home! Click through for fantastic ways to reuse toothbrushes, and let us know your own favorite in the comments.

You certainly don’t want someone to mistake a re-purposed toothbrush for, well, a teeth-cleaning toothbrush. You can get around that by writing its use in permanent marker on the handle.

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1. Clean Tile. The tile in my bathroom is of that wonderful “never looks clean no matter what what you do” variety. That is, until I used a toothbrush on it. It works wonders in the way a mop or a sponge never have.

2. Clean Those Hard-to-Reach Nooks and Crannies. There’s about a quarter inch gap between my stove and kitchen counter. Stuff gets stuck there all the time, and the only thing small enough to clean it up is a toothbrush. I’m sure you can think of plenty of spots around your house that could benefit from a nice toothbrush cleaning.

3. Clean Sinks. A toothbrush is just small enough to be a great tool for cleaning up all of that slimy grossness around your faucet and drain.

4. Clean Sliding Doors & Shower Tracks. Gunk often builds up on shower tracks and sliding doors. Toothbrushes are a great remedy for that!

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More Cleaning Ideas.

5. Clean a Keyboard. Keyboards are one of the most frustrating things to clean. Get them into tip-top shape with the help of a (dry!) toothbrush.

6. Clean the Blinds & Window Screens. Toothbrushes are an excellent tool for cleaning these delicate areas. No damage here!

7. Clean the Car. We’re not talking a full body detail here. Rather, use a toothbrush to clean up your car’s interior: all the knobs and buttons, the parking break, the cupholders, etc.

8. Clean Carpet Spots. If you have a particularly troublesome spot on your carpet, apply whatever cleaner you’re using (following the given directions) and scrub it with a toothbrush. The bristles do wonders on pesky stains.

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Beauty & Fashion.

9. Remove Clothing Stains. Apply a stain remover to the spot and gently scrub until the stain is gone.

10. Clean Jewelry. Noticing a theme? Yep, toothbrushes are great tools for cleaning small things, tiny spaces, and hard-to-reach areas. Jewelry certainly fits into this!

11. Apply Hair Dye. Toothbrushes are a great hair dye applicator.

12. Clean Dirty Finger Nails. Mud-caked fingers after a morning of gardening benefit from a little toothbrush clean-up.

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In the Kitchen.

13. Clean a Garlic Press. It can take just as long to clean a garlic press as it takes to, well, chop some garlic by hand. Unless you’re using a toothbrush, of course!

14. Clean Corn on the Cob. At your next barbecue, brush an ear of corn with a clean toothbrush to remove all of the silky threads.

15.  Clean a Cheese Grater. Oh, the bane of my existence. Cleaning a cheese grater with a sponge can sometimes lead to a grated sponge! Not so with toothbrushes.

16. Clean Gunky Forks. Crusted-on food is particularly hard to remove in between the tines of a fork. A toothbrush is the ideal size to remove all of that gross stuff.

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