Tapping our Wild Feminine Energy

Discover the power and healing of the Wild Feminine energy that is at the heart of what it means to live in a female body.  Author Tami Lynn Kent combines her understanding of energy medicine with her female physical therapy practice to introduce us all to the healing potential within the pelvic bowl.

Tami is a woman’s health physical therapist, founder of Holistic Pelvic Care for women, and author of Wild Feminine: Finding Power, Spirit & Joy in the Female Body. She is passionate about cultivating the creative energy that is meant to run through all aspects of a woman’s life–and draws upon hers daily in mothering three gorgeous sons and making her way in the world. Her goal is to teach every woman how to read the physical and energetic patterns of the pelvic bowl and restore access to the full range of creative resources–this beauty and wildness within.

From discovering our root voice to exploring the energetic influence of the ovaries, Tami reveals the amazing potential of healing and creation that is built into our physiology.  Don’t miss the stories and exercises we discuss that will awaken the wild feminine energy in your life.

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Brenda Towers
Brenda Towers6 years ago

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Shawn P6 years ago

I believe I can fly..I believe I can touch the sky!

Kirsten B.
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Sandy Erickson
Sandy Erickson6 years ago

The physcal is such a small part of who whe are and our health. The body after all is just dirt. The life lies within that vessel. That is where the power lies.

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heather g6 years ago

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James R. Stewart Jr.

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Craig Zimmerman
Craig Zimmerman6 years ago

Do men have any " Wild Masculine Energy"?

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