The Best Full Body Workout for People Over 40

You need to focus on full body workouts if you want to transform your body fast. They build muscle†quickly†and allow you to burn lots of calories. However,†most people need to careful when choosing†their workouts after 40. Some workouts may work for younger people but cause injuries for you.

Todayís workout doesnít put a lot of pressure on your joints, and itís fairly easy for most beginners. Perform each exercise as fast as possible,†but be sure to do each rep properly.

100 Scissor Chops

This exercise warms up the upper body and strengthens the shoulders. Perform it as fast as you can.

How to Perform

  • Stand upright and extend your hands in front. Keep them parallel to the floor.
  • Raise one hand as you lower the other then quickly raise the bottom hand as you lower the top one.
  • Keep alternating the hands and keep the arms straight.

How to do scissor chops

20 Side Plank Walks

Side plank walks will challenge your arms, shoulders, and core. Moving from one side to the other counts as one rep.

How to perform

  • Get in the straight-arm-plank position and keep your body aligned in a straight line.
  • Move three steps sideways with your arms and feet and then return to starting position.
  • Repeat this movement 20 times.


20 Pliť Squats with Calf Raises

This exercise will build all your lower body muscles and tone your glutes. Lifting your heels off of the floor helps build the calf muscles.

How to perform

  • Stand upright and keep your feet wide apart.
  • Place your hands on your waist and lift your heels off the floor.
  • Squat as low as flexibility allows and then rise to return to starting position. Keep repeating this movement.
  • Feel free to keep your heels on the floor if you find the exercise too challenging.



Skaters boost muscular endurance while burning lots of calories. You may lack coordination in the first few reps, but if you keep going, youíll get them right.

How to perform

  • Stand upright with feet close together and arms bent.
  • Jump to the left and land on the left foot. Quick bring the right foot behind the left one and tap the floor.
  • Jump to the right, bring the left foot behind the right one, and tap the floor. Keep jumping from side to side.
  • Remember to swing your arms up and down and you jump.


Alternating Lunges

You have to love lunges. They target leg, glute and core muscles.

How to perform

  • Stand upright with feet close together and then lunge forward with the right foot.
  • Keep your torso upright as you lunge forward. Return the right foot to starting position and then lunge with the left foot.
  • Keep alternating the feet after each rep.



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