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Eating consciously, according to Alexandra Zissu, author of the new book The Conscious Kitchen, encompasses three criteria: whatís good for personal health, whatís good for the planet, and what tastes great. Those are three things we can get behind. Check out her top tips for getting started, then comment below for a chance to win the book!

The Conscious Commandments

Here are ten easy things you can do today to move toward having a more conscious kitchen tomorrow.

1. Eat less meat. When eating beef, seek out and choose grass-fed. Other meat and poultry should also be carefully sourced.

2. Just say no to bottled water. Drink (filtered) tap instead. This will save money, too.

3. Buy local organic or sustainably farmed fruits and vegetables. Don’t forget that coffee and tea come from plants, and wine is made from grapes; choose sustainable versions.

4. Eat only the least contaminated sustainably harvested wild or well-sourced farmed seafood.

5. Always consider packaging when shopping. Choose items packed in materials you can reuse or that can be recycled in your municipality. Buy bulk items instead of overpackaged goods. Always shop with reusable bags.

6. Cook at home. Often. And serve only on reusable dishware, not disposable. Clean with eco-friendly products.

7. Avoid plastic as often as you can.

8. Try composting, even if you live in a city or a house without a yard.

9. Whenever possible, reduce energy use in the kitchen by choosing efficient appliances, cooking methods, and dishwashing practices; don’t leave appliances plugged in when not in use; ask your electric company for alternative energy sources like wind power.

10. Spread the word. Educate everyone you know. Green your office kitchen, your kids’ school kitchen, your friends and relatives’ kitchens. Make noise; together we can make a huge difference.

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Elma H.
Elma H.6 years ago

I have been wanting this cookbook so bad! Ever since I saw the author interviewed on a tv show. However, I am retired on a fixed income and just cannot afford. I hope the contest isn't over! Thanks for you consideration. Elma

Kim Stueck
Kim Stueck7 years ago


Iris M.
Past Member 7 years ago

Good article. Like others I've been doing most, if not all, most of my life. Here's another suggestion: take your own to-go box when eating out. The containers most restaurants us and not eco-friendly.

Vanessa S.
Vanessa S7 years ago

I wish I would have found this article sooner. I would have loved a chance at winning the book.

Carole K.
Carole K7 years ago

Our family daily practices the first 9 suggestions as a healthy choice lifestyle & we too have maintained this way of life for many years. I would recommend having your own organic garden as it helps to keep your concious mind focused on your relationship with the natural world. Number 10 we need to work on more in that we have not educated others as much as we could have as to why we have made the lifestyle choices that we did. Next time someone looks @ us quizzically ( as sometimes happens) or makes off hand remarks about our green lifestyle, I will regard, sieze & use that moment as the opportunity to teach that it is, rather than feel defensive or offended & cut off communication or divert it elsewhere, this I pledge. Thank you for building my awareness in this regard!

yamuna Ranganathan

im doing most of it...

Linda Mills
Linda Mills7 years ago


Barbara L.
Barbara L7 years ago

You had me at "The Ten Commandments"--would probably use this book well!

Amanda T.
Amanda T7 years ago

I'd love to read and win this book. Thanks for the chance!

Theresa M.
Theresa M.7 years ago

I try to live this way but sometimes for whatever reason it just happens that way......I guess I can always say...I'm just human. When my daughter was young years ago I wanted her to have as nutitritous food as possible.On occasion she had to take her lunch to school.....hated it because it was nutritous & noone would trade with her...most of them had junk food & certainly wouldn't trade any of their loot for her boring food. We laugh about it now but there was no laughing from her @ that time. She always wanted sugar coated junk cereal ...I refused...she still remembers that I wouldn't give in even once...I always told her I cared too much to let her eat a meal of sugar!!!!!