The DIY Kit You Need to Survive Your Hectic Life

It’s happened to all of us. You woke up early—but things didn’t go smoothly. You spilled your coffee, burned your toast and couldn’t find your car keys. From there, you had a million meetings, errands and projects to take care of.

Finally, 3pm has rolled around and you are losing it. You’re frazzled, stressed, over-caffeinated, ravenous and totally uncentered. You’d love to take a few minutes for meditation, but you don’t have private space available. You’d love to get some fresh air, but you are stuck working inside. The pressure is ballooning, and all you are capable of doing is sitting back and letting it overwhelm you.

When everything hits the fan, it’s so important to be gentle with ourselves by practicing self-care—emergency self-care.

That doesn’t mean running home and taking a long bubble bath. The best way to get through those no-win days is by packing yourself a self-care kit, so you can dose yourself up with self love on the go!

Making Your Emergency Self-Care Kit

While your self-care kit can be anything you want it to be, here are a few must-haves you should keep inside yours.

Nuts and dried fruits in hands. Cooking

Always. Pack. Snacks.

Ideally, healthy ones. Being “hangry” isn’t going to help lift you out of your funk.

Pack nonperishable favorites, like granola bars, nuts and dehydrated berries inside your kit to give you a blood sugar boost when you need it most. Single-serve green superfood packets can be a great addition to drinks to energize, oxidize and nourish your stressed out body.

Scents are powerful.

Don’t underestimate the power of essential oils. For instance, lavender essential oil has been clinically shown to relax the body, thanks to its unique ability to quell anxiety and soothe the nervous system.

Put three to five rollers of your favorite aromatherapy in your kit—like French lavender, a peppermint headache/tension oil blend and a grounding balsam blend.

Smelling Essential Oils on a Market Stall

Find your secret weapons.

With stress comes headaches, digestive issues and more, so put some remedies in your self-care kit. Perhaps some activated charcoal for tummy aches. Perhaps a couple aspirin and some Tiger Balm to conquer stress headaches. Maybe some face cleansing wipes so you can wipe the grit off and feel like you’re starting fresh.

Think about what makes you feel best when you’re suffering from the physical side effects of stress, and make sure it’s always on hand.

Pamper yourself.

Become a self massage expert, and keep a tennis ball in your kit. Maybe add a few packets of your favorite soothing herbal tea. Maybe try a hemp-infused honey stick to help take the edge off your stress.

Whatever will make you feel extra special and extra chill, pack it in your kit. Think of it as a mini spa on-the-go.

You are awesome

Write a note to yourself.     

Take an afternoon and write yourself a few cute, positive notes to keep in your kit. Write encouraging phrases that will bring you joy, like “you’re awesome”, or write puns that will make you laugh. Stash them in your kit for when you need love the most. It’s amazing what a difference a little sticky note can make in your outlook.

Add in whatever else brings you joy or helps you find balance amidst the chaos. When your kit is assembled, put it somewhere accessible and readily available, like in the back of your car. You’ll be amazed at how often it comes in handy and saves your day.

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